Hearts and Flowers and Chocolate, Oh my!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  That special day, once a year where you get to show your love to someone (or lots of someones) with millions of others around the world.  That day that Hallmark and Russel Stover look forward to with utter delight. That day that some love and some loathe.

I often hear comments like, “Ugh I HATE Valentine’s day, it’s so stupid, it’s pathetic, people should show love every day!”  There are websites devoted to hating Valentine’s Day.  New anti-valentine Facebook pages pop up daily.  WHY?!  I mean, sure I get that love should be shared every day.  Flowers or chocolates, little gifts or a dinner out, aren’t only for one day in February.

My husband tells me he loves me every day.  We go out to dinner once a week.  He buys me flowers (sometimes) and chocolate (whenever I’m craving it) He shows me love every. single. day.  Yet we both enjoy having one day to really CELEBRATE that love.  Maybe going to a new restaurant, something a bit more “romantic” than our regular haunts (Applebees, Five Guys, and who can forget Red Robin)

Another reason I hear for “hating” Valentine’s Day is the “Unrealistic expectations” Personally, I don’t really have any expectations. Ok, maybe that isn’t true.  I expect my husband to show up, but other than that?  Nothing.  Of course, there are those girls who wont be satisfied unless they are given a Tiffany ring, hung by a silk ribbon, around the neck of a pure bred chihuahua puppy, in a Coach dog carrier, presented at a gourmet dinner, at a private table, in a little cafe, in France, with a view of the Tour Eiffel.  But those girls expect that stuff at every holiday (or every Tuesday)

Of course, there is always the whole “It’s a Hallmark Holiday” argument.  Well, Christmas has become a Target/Toys R Us holiday, Halloween is a Hershey’s holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is a Guinness holiday, Easter is a Cadbury and Peeps holiday……Nobody “hates” on those days. Every holiday has its major retail component.   Look at Mother’s Day.  Of course you should show your mom love 365 days of the year (366 this leap year!  BONUS!) But don’t we all love taking our moms out to a nice brunch, maybe a spa day, showering her with gifts?  We don’t hate Mother’s Day.

I think many people think it’s “cool” to be bitter and hate on a Valentine’s Day.   I’m not in that club.  I love it.  I love any opportunity to celebrate (anything) Love is a wonderful thing, it deserves a special day of acknowledgment.  Looking towards our future, Dave and I wont be going out on “date night” every week.  While we will continue to say “I love you” every day we will have a baby that will be taking up a bit of our time and attention.  I look forward to Valentine’s Day every year because I know we’ll always have at least one day to step back from our busy lives, sit down to dinner together and remind each other how in love we are. There is nothing to “hate” about that.

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