Anne Geddes Is Coming to Blogger Bash NYC!

If you could look back at my childhood bedroom  you’d see that it was pale green with a frolicking  unicorn border (I liked unicorns before they were trendy, yo!) The shelves were filled with Bryer Horses and Treasure Trolls. My bedspread was Popples and I had a cabbage Patch Kid bed tent. And my walls?  They were covered in small prints of babies in flower pots or dressed as bees.  You know the ones I’m talking about. Those beautiful and adorable photos by Anne Geddes!!


I had this print!!

Imagine my joy when I heard that Anne Geddes herself will be making an appearance at Blogger Bash, the conference I’m attending, this week!!

Geddes has a new collection of images titled, “Under The Sea” and let me tell you, OH. EM. GEE!  Seriously guys, it’s incredibly gorgeous!! It features amazing photos of the most adorable little baby mermaids, baby anemones, teeny tiny baby turtles, a sleeping baby on a seahorse…AHH!  Just go check it out  HERE!

OMG Baby Mermaid!!!

OMG Baby Mermaid!!!

The “Under The Sea” images are compiled in a calendar for 2015, available for purchase now on Amazon! I am definitely going to have to get this calendar for Avery.  Our pediatricians office has a big Anne Geddes poster near the check out desk and Avery just adores it, so I know she’ll love this calendar hanging on her door (And maybe we will frame her favorites!)

You’ll want to look closely at the images, to see the details in each piece! You may notice that the sea floor is made up of one or two of your favorite Cruciferous vegetables!

Not only does Geddes take stunning photos, she also gives back!   March of Dimes, Shot @ Life and Every Woman Every Child are just a small sampling of her philanthropic efforts!

I love this quote from Anne Geddes;

Little children don’t have a voice, or any control over their own lives, which makes them vulnerable. The message that should resonate around the world is that we are all responsible for all of the children all of the time.

I love a business or person who knows the importance of giving back to the world around them and protecting and taking care of our tiniest humans!!
You can learn more about Anne Geddes, and see more of her beautiful work on her WEBSITE, on FACEBOOK and TWITTER  and follow ‪#‎BBNYC‬ and ‪#‎annegeddes‬!

And here’s another photo, because…AHH BABY!!



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