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Imagine Van Gogh – Boston Ticket Giveaway

Sponsored Content – Our family received a family 4-pack of tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

VanGogh_2020_LaurenceLabat-6742_HR Imagine Van Gogh – Boston Ticket Giveaway

This Christmas is going to be filled with horses, American Girl Dolls, kawaii, and ART! Avery has been drawing and painting non-stop this year, and I am loving it! She’s taken an interest in art history and loves learning about artists both past and present. One of the gifts I’m most looking forward to giving her this year is a ticket to see Imagine Van Gogh.

Imagine Van Gogh is the ORIGINAL immersive exhibition in Image Totale © featuring more than 200 of the Dutch artist’s paintings. It will be on exhibit at the SoWa Power Station in Boston’s popular SoWa Art + Design District.

Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron are the Artistic Directors behind the creation of the Imagine Van Gogh. They are known for their work at Cathédrale d’Images in Les Baux-de-Provence, France.


Imagine Van Gogh “brings Van Gogh’s canvases to life in a vivid, spectacular way: the audience will truly enter the artist’s world of dreams; visitors are literally transported on a journey to the heart of the artist’s work.”

I can’t wait for Avery to experience this immersive exhibit.

Tickets start at $33.99 (plus service charges and fees) and are on sale now. For more information, please visit www.imagine-vangogh.com

VanGogh_2020_LaurenceLabat-6056_HR Imagine Van Gogh - Boston Ticket Giveaway

But wait, there’s more!!  I am excited to offer you, dear reader, a chance to WIN a Family 4-Pack of tickets to see Imagine Van Gogh. Winner will receive a code to select ANY available time to attend the exhibition during our entire run (December 21, 2021 – February 20, 2022) All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!  One winner will be selected on December 28 at 9PM EST.

Ice Painting is Colorful Fun

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a tiny bit of compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

Ice painting is a fantastic way to let your child’s creative juices flow and keep all that creativity flowing ON the paper. With ice painting, you have an easy, fairly mess free outlet for creativity, color, and imagination.
Ice Painting

Ice Painting – Picasso Creativity without the Pollack Floor

With the frigid temps this week, we have been trapped in the house and doing all sorts of fun projects (and some not so fun projects-like organizing the kitchen cabinets)

You read about our bubble wrap printing yesterday, and today I’m sharing another fun painting technique! Ice Painting!!

A few weeks ago Avery brought home an ice painting from school. In her class they used food coloring. I wanted to try this at home, but I really hate working with food coloring, because even when it’s diluted, it still stains!!! I wanted to see if I could make it work with washable kid’s paint!  Spoiler Alert: IT WORKED!!Ice Painting supplies


  • Kid’s Paint/Poster Paint
  • Ice cube tray filled with water
  • Lollipop or popsicle sticks

Mix paint and water for ice painting.

Step 1: Using a paintbrush, add paint to each cup and mix. Ice painting paints.

Step 2: Add your sticks, and pop the tray in the freezer. (I recommend you do this the night before, Avery was not super patient while waiting for the paint cubes to freeze!) Ice painting

Step 3: Get to painting!!

I recommend using a heavier stock, or watercolor style paper.

Ice Painting for kids Ice painting. Creative painting techniques

Avery loved this painting technique! It’s just different enough to make it seem extra special! She liked experimenting with how the colors bleed together to create different colors!

The colors stayed pretty vibrant as the water didn’t dilute them as much as with food coloring. Ice paintingClean-up is easy! Since it’s not food coloring, I wasn’t worried about her staining her clothes (you can see she got some on her pajamas!)

It was a fun project that taught her a bit about science (mixing the paint & water, freezing the cubes) art (obviously!) and worked on those all important fine motor skills (holding the paint cubes and drawing/painting with them) A great project for preschoolers!! Avery is ice painting!Have you ever painted with ice? For another fun art activity, check out our Bubble Wrap Printing post!

Bubble Wrap Printing – Creative Craftiness for the Kiddos

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a tiny bit of compensation if you make a purchase using this link.

Bubble wrap printing is a fun, easy, and frugal indoor activity to do with kids. It’s a great way to inspire imagination, introduce new textures and concepts, and generally have fun learning a new skill. Bubble wrap printing is also fairly easy, which limits the frustration factor for the kids.
Bubble Wrap Printing

Bubble Wrap Printing Saved us From the Polar Vortex

As the work from home mom of a preschooler, I’m always looking for fun and different activities to keep her busy! It can be especially challenging in the harsh New England winter! Avery loves to play outside, but when it’s -376* out, she can’t. Art projects are a great alternative for her! Especially painting!

Bubble wrap printing fun. While visiting the school we hope Avery will attend in a couple years, we were introduced to bubble wrap printing! It was a unique technique, and a really cool way to introduce kids to printmaking (which just so happens to be one of my favorite art forms!)

It was such a fun project, I knew I wanted to try it at home. Fortunately, we had a whole box full of bubble wrap just waiting for a project like this!

Bubble Wrap Printing suppliesSupplies:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper

Bubble wrap printing steps.Step 1 – Paint your design on the bubble side of the bubble wrap.
Step 2 – Flip your bubble wrap face down onto the paper
Step 3 – Gently press the bubble wrap onto the paper.
Step 4 – carefully pull the bubble wrap off the paper to reveal your print!

Bubble wrap printing master, Avery!It’s a simple project, and after showing Avery what to do the first time, she had it all figured out and went on to make many, many, many more prints on her own! Bubble wrap printing in action. Our Paintings

Bubble wrap printing is one of our new favorite arts projects! It’s the perfect art activity for preschoolers, and older kids will love it, too! I loved that I was able to reuse some of the bubble wrap we had from holiday packages before throwing it away! Bubble wrap printingWhat do you think? Would your kids enjoy bubble wrap printing? What other creative painting ideas do you have?

DIY Moss Covered Monogram

Simple, Moss Covered monogram letters. Rustic Wedding Decor. via sweetlilyou.comI helped host my cousin’s bridal shower last year. Since she’s outdoorsy and a lil bit crunchy (and a whole lot AWESOME) we decided to go with a rustic, woodland, foresty theme!  I wanted to create something special that we could use to decorate at the shower, and then could be used as part of her wedding decor.  While shopping for decorations I saw the sheets of moss, and had an idea! I could make moss covered letters!

rustic wedding showerThe craft is actually quite easy and doesn’t take a whole lot of time.

  • You will need:
    -Wooden or paper mache letters
    -Sheets of preserved moss (I used SuperMoss Instant Green Moss Mat and Moss Cloth)
    -Tacky or other strong craft glue
    -Sharpie marker
    -Add-ons like flowers, ribbon, butterflies, etc.
    What you'll need

Step 1: Trace your letter on the back of the moss mat

Step 2: Cut along your line

Step 3: Apply glue to the letter, and press moss down. Allow to dry (I only put moss on the front and sides of the letters, but depending on how you’ll use them, you can moss the back as well)

Moss covered letters how to step by stepStep 4: Measure and cut strips to fit the edges of the letter

Step 5: Glue and secure moss along the outer edges of the letters

Step 6: Apply your add-ons, if you choose.
Moss Covered Letters via sweetlilyou.comAnd then you’re done!!!  It’s really easy, and they look beautiful!

11065166_10100648624722930_1394574100_oAnd yes, that IS Waldo…and a Giant Lego head…and a cow at the head table. It was a costume wedding

!! diy moss covered diy moss covered

Anne Geddes Is Coming to Blogger Bash NYC!

If you could look back at my childhood bedroom  you’d see that it was pale green with a frolicking  unicorn border (I liked unicorns before they were trendy, yo!) The shelves were filled with Bryer Horses and Treasure Trolls. My bedspread was Popples and I had a cabbage Patch Kid bed tent. And my walls?  They were covered in small prints of babies in flower pots or dressed as bees.  You know the ones I’m talking about. Those beautiful and adorable photos by Anne Geddes!!


I had this print!!

Imagine my joy when I heard that Anne Geddes herself will be making an appearance at Blogger Bash, the conference I’m attending, this week!!

Geddes has a new collection of images titled, “Under The Sea” and let me tell you, OH. EM. GEE!  Seriously guys, it’s incredibly gorgeous!! It features amazing photos of the most adorable little baby mermaids, baby anemones, teeny tiny baby turtles, a sleeping baby on a seahorse…AHH!  Just go check it out  HERE!

OMG Baby Mermaid!!!

OMG Baby Mermaid!!!

The “Under The Sea” images are compiled in a calendar for 2015, available for purchase now on Amazon! I am definitely going to have to get this calendar for Avery.  Our pediatricians office has a big Anne Geddes poster near the check out desk and Avery just adores it, so I know she’ll love this calendar hanging on her door (And maybe we will frame her favorites!)

You’ll want to look closely at the images, to see the details in each piece! You may notice that the sea floor is made up of one or two of your favorite Cruciferous vegetables!

Not only does Geddes take stunning photos, she also gives back!   March of Dimes, Shot @ Life and Every Woman Every Child are just a small sampling of her philanthropic efforts!

I love this quote from Anne Geddes;

Little children don’t have a voice, or any control over their own lives, which makes them vulnerable. The message that should resonate around the world is that we are all responsible for all of the children all of the time.

I love a business or person who knows the importance of giving back to the world around them and protecting and taking care of our tiniest humans!!
You can learn more about Anne Geddes, and see more of her beautiful work on her WEBSITE, on FACEBOOK and TWITTER  and follow ‪#‎BBNYC‬ and ‪#‎annegeddes‬!

And here’s another photo, because…AHH BABY!!


Easy DIY Paper Flower Wreath!

Easy DIY Paper Flower Wreath for Spring of Summer! Using Silhouette and supplies from Michael's Crafts Store! #Crafts #DIY #home #Decor #Decoration #wreath

I was feeling very crafty this week, and we were in need of some new spingy/summery decor (I’ll confess we had our Christmas wreath up until March…) So Avery and I headed to Michael’s craft store and get to work!

I knew I wanted to use my Silhouette Cameo machine for this project, and I knew it needed to be simple, and something I could finish while Avery napped.

I decided on a cut paper flower diy wreath, that doesn’t even require any glue!

I picked up all of my supplies and headed home to get craftin’! (Avery found some glittery lady bugs, and refused to let them go, so they became part of the project!)

Avery shopping at Micheal's arts & crafts

Easy DIY Wreath

Spring Wreath with paper flowers! Sihlouette

I started by wrapping the ribbon around the foam wreath. I pinned the end so it wouldn’t come loose, then wrapped all the way around and used two pins to secure it at the end. (It took about 6 yards of ribbon for the 10 inch wreath)

Sping Wreath with cut paper flowers #silhouette #micheals #crafts

Once that was complete and Avery was sound asleep, I got to work on the flowers.

The Silhouette makes it SO EASY!  I found a file for a simple “3D” flower set, placed them, and let the machine do it’s thang! I cut three different colors of card stock, and then organized the flowers in the way I wanted them.

Paper flower wreath steps. #Silhouette #Michaels

Then it was time to pin! The straight pins easily poked through the paper and into the wreath. Easy Peasy!

Paper Flower wreath for Sping or Summer #Silhoutte #Michaels #Crafts #paper

I arranged them the way I wanted and VOILA! I hung it on our not-so-pretty-1950’s front door!

Then I remembered the bugs! Avery would have been heartbroken if her glitter bugs didn’t make the cut, so I added them in, and put the wreath on her much-prettier-2013 bedroom door.

Spring and Summer Cut Paper Flower Wreath with Ladybugs #Silhouette #Michaels #Crafts #Decorations #wreaths

I’m really happy with the finished product!

I ended up putting it back on the front door (to impress the mail carrier and make the neighbors jealous) And when Dave walked in from work Avery excited asked him “DADDY! DO YOU SEE THE BUGGIES?!?!”

I think it was a success!

Hooray for Spring!

Cut Paper Flower Wreath using Silhouette and supplies from Michael's Crafts Spring and Summer Decorations

This post was in no way sponsored by Silhouette or Michael’s. I just love both companies, and wanted to mention where I bought my supplies, and what I used to create this wreath.

Capturing Memories

We just had family photos taken!!

I’ll be honest. I was not looking forward to seeing photos of myself. In the last year and a half I’ve gained more weight than I’d like to talk about, and I’m just not happy with myself right now.

Originally this photo shoot was supposed to be just for Avery’s 2nd birthday photos. After thinking about it for a few nights (literally laying in bed, awake, thinking about photoshoots!) I decided “Damnit! I’m going to be IN these photos!!”

I’m always behind the lens. I take photos of Avery, photos of Avery with her friends, with her godparents, with her grandparents, with Daisy, with Dave. Hundreds thousands of photos of Avery…but I can count on one hand the number of non-selfies that Avery and I have together.

So, I put on my big girl panties and smiled! And it was so much fun. I really do enjoy having my picture taken, especially when the photographer is Heather Chick, but it’s about more than just the act of taking pictures. It’s about the memories.

I had to come to the realization that it doesn’t matter what I look like in the photos, it’s the fact that I’m in them. Period. That we have these images, gorgeous, amazing images, and our whole family is in them! Avery will always have these photos. She’ll see her mom and dad happy and smiling and having fun. The three of us. Together.

I hate to be morbid, but we never know what will happen in life. Your next day is never promised. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Having these photos is important. If you don’t believe me, think of a loved one that you have lost.  Do you have that one photo of them that means everything to you? Do you wish you had a picture of the two of you together?  I know I do.

And of course, these photos are just nice to have hanging in your home, making you smile, every day!!

I know there are so many moms, and women in general who hate, hate, HATE having their picture take. I get it I really, really do! But…GET OVER IT!!  You’ll be happy you did!!

Are there a few photos that I cringed at a little bit?  Sure. Like this one:

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

I saw this and thought “Ugh…my butt looks wide, my thighs look huge, ugh, I’m not sharing this one…” Then I realized, that it isn’t about me, or my jean size. It’s about how freaking cute Avery looks, and how sweet our family looks all holding hands!! I LOVE this photo now. I just had to look at it a bit differently!

There are other photos where I don’t think I look my best, but then I see the huge smile on Avery’s face and, again, think, this isn’t about how I look! It’s about how happy we all are!

So, go have your picture taken!! Have someone take photos of your whole family!  Don’t wait until you lose weight, or get a better hair cut or whatever the issue may be! Just do it! If you keep making excuses for why you can’t be in the photos, then you may miss the opportunity!

Here are few of our favorites from our session!

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

Copyright Heather Chick Photography 2014

See more of Heather’s photography at www.heatherchickphotography.com or on FACEBOOK