Happy Bastille Day to all my Franco Americans!

Well, Its that time of year again!  The time of year we all don our berets and and wave the blue, white and red!  O.K. Honestly, I don’t quite now HOW I’m supposed to celebrate Bastille Day.  But being married to a man with an exceptionally French name, I feel that I should at least make an attempt.

We definitely consider ourselves to be American through and through, however, I think it is important to celebrate your heritage. (Mine being Irish, Dave’s being Canadian-French)

So I’ve put together a little “Bastille Day Party In a Blog!” for you all to enjoy!

Let’s start with dessert, shall we?

Check out this scrumptious Flag Tart made with fresh red and golden raspberries and juicy blueberries!  You can get the recipe HERE from Martha Stewart!

Martha Stewart knows how to party…French style!

My favorite food of France is the Croissant. No Bastille Day party in my house would be complete without their buttery goodness! Learn how to make your own HERE from Ms. Glaze!

Ms Glaze knows the secret to the perfect croissant!

Looking for a fun and edible craft for the kiddos?  Then make these adorable Eiffel Tower Wafer Sundaes!  The Directions can be found at Edible Crafts!

Too cute to eat? Almost!

Of course the adults must have something to drink. One of my favorite French drinks is Kir Royale. Cooking Light has one that is perfect for us New Englanders, as it contains Cranberries!

Nothing says Bastille Day in New England like Cranberries and Champagne (Photo: John Autry)

Don’t forget the dishes and decor! Anthropologie has you covered with their “Francophile” dinner plates!

You couldn’t possibly serve this French cuisine on paper plates, now could you?!

What’s a party without cake? (Answer: No party I want to attend!)
Hungry Rabbitwill show you how to make these festive cake squares!

Let them eat cake!

Thanks for coming to our Bastille Day Celebration! Vive la France!!

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