Happy 30th Birthday Cabbage Patch Kids! #CPK30th

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When I was a kid, I had a lot of toys. The number of stuffed animals and dolls that lived in my bedroom was alarming. I’m and only child, but, I had a bunk bed because it would provide an additional storage space for my ever growing “collection” When I’d go on vacation, my nana would come over and “steal” the toys and donate them (or, sell them at our church yard sale!) I rarely noticed. Like I said, I had a lot.

However, there was one toy, one doll, that I loved the most.

My Cabbage Patch Kid!

I got her for my 3rd birthday. It was 1985. She was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid eyes on!

My Nana and Aunt Dort, helping me open this amazing gift.  Who chose that terrifying wrapping paper?!

My Nana and Aunt Dort, helping me open this amazing gift. Who chose that terrifying wrapping paper?!

Clearly my family didn't realize that nearly 30 years later, I'd be using this image in a blog post or they would have taken better photos!

Clearly my family didn’t realize that nearly 30 years later, I’d be using this image in a blog post or they would have taken better photos!

I loved this doll (Sadly, I don’t remember her name!) I took her, and her solid resin head, everywhere! We had so many matching nightgowns!

cabbage patch kids birthday #cpk30th

And here are more shots of us, posing in our matching nightgowns! We traded in one ugly couch for a new ugly couch! Remember how awesome upholstery was in the 70s and 80s?!

cabbage patch kids birthday #cpk30th

Yup, those are Cabbage Patch slippers!

cabbage patch kids birthday #cpk30th

And, yes, that’s a bottle….don’t judge. That’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

Some time later, I added another CPK to my “collection” her name was “Barbie”  (seriously, that’s what it said on her Birth Certificate!)

I would take Barbie, and Baby-whose-name-I-don’t-remember out to run errands, like VHS returns, in the snow.

cabbage patch kids birthday #cpk30th

I loved those Kids, and as a parent, I LOVE that Cabbage Patch Kids are still available for my little girl to play with, and love, as much as I did!

Yesterday Avery and I had opportunity to attend the Cabbage Patch 30th Anniversary Party in New York City!!  When I was told about the event, I knew I had to go!

We headed down to New Haven to catch the train, where we met up with our friends from bebeh blog! The train ride went well, and the kids had fun bouncing from seat to seat, eating snacks, and looking out the window, and before we knew it, we had arrived at Grand Central!


A short walk brought us to the Eventi Hotel, where the party was to be held.


All the chaos and noise of NYC had (as always) lulled Avery to sleep, so she wasn’t as thrilled to see the display of Cabbage Patch Kids through the years as I was!

 cabbage patch kids through the years #cpk30th


I loved seeing all the Cabbage Patch Kids from years past and remembering the ones I had.

Like this guy, here.  I had this very CPK, and his name was “Clifton Reed”

CKP boy

After taking a walk down memory lane it was time for Avery to adopt her very own Cabbage Patch Kid!! With the help of one of the “nurses” staffing this area, I woke Avery.  The look on her face, when she woke, surrounded by a hundred dolls was classic.  I wish I’d captured it!

cabbage patch kids adoption #cpk30thIt didn’t take her long to choose her baby!  Ally Riley!  And the best part??  They still have that wonderful Cabbage Patch scent!  It brought me right back to my childhood!

After adoption came the coolest photo opp ever; Avery had her photo taken on a giant cabbage!


Next we headed out to enjoy breakfast (so many yummy treats!!) and sing “Happy Birthday” to Cabbage Patch Kids everywhere! We also got to chat a bit with fellow Rhody Bloggers Baby Gators Den and The Mod Mommy!

cabbage patch kids  #cpk30th birthday cake cupcakes


The event was brilliant.  There was so much for the kids to do!


Kids could bring their newly adopted Cabbage Patch Kids to the Birth Certificate Station and choose a new name for their babies. (We didn’t do this, because I’m a believer in keeping the name they were “born” with haha) Over in the Storytelling station kids learned the story of Cabbage Patch Kids!


At the Changing Station, Avery learned how to take care of her new baby, and how to change diapers!  I hope she was listening, because I think it’s time she start changing her own diapers. 😉


They even had a Hair and Beauty station where kids and their dolls, could get a fun, matching  make-over, complete with bows, neon hair extensions and bling!!


The organizers didn’t miss a detail!  Check out the flower arrangements!  Yup! That is CABBAGE!!!

The space really had the feel of a chic, child’s birthday party! Brightly colored balloons and Cabbage Patch Kids were everywhere!

Avery and I really enjoyed the music being played by the pianist! Of course, avery “Dance, Danced”

The party came to an end and we headed home. Avery spent some time snuggling with her new babies on the train.


I am so happy that Avery and I had the opportunity to attend this party together. It was an honor to celebrate my favorite childhood toys and share them with my daughter, 30 years later!


cabbage patch kids  #cpk30th birthday


For more info about Cabbage Patch Kids visit cabbagepatchkids.com and jakks.com or follow JAKKS Pacific on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


Cabbage Patch Kids Milestones

Cabbage Patch Kids®

Cabbage Patch Kids® celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2013!  To mark the occasion for the iconic toy brand, JAKKS Pacific will introduce Cabbage Patch Kids® Celebration ‘Kids (SRP $34.99, Ages 3+).  Dressed in fun, playful, party themed fashions with brightly colored hair streaks, the ‘Kids™ are ready to party!  Always fashion forward, each girl also comes with a sweet cupcake comb and each boy comes with a pair of stylish glasses. Each ‘Kid comes with the iconic baby powder scent, a unique, one-of-a-kind name, Adoption Papers® and Birth Certificate®! 


This fall, Cabbage Patch Kids® Babies (SRP $24.99, Ages 3+) offer the ultimate in nurturing play. Just like real parents, children can feed and dress their babies.  Cabbage Patch Kids® Babies come with either a magic disappearing-milk bottle or food bowl with spoon, removable bib and fashion. Of course, each baby has a unique name, Adoption Papers® and Birth Certificate®. The original baby-powder scent of Cabbage Patch Kids® can bring memorable smiles for generations.  All Cabbage Patch Kids® Babies come in several hair colors and ethnicities, just like real babies!


The Cabbage Patch Kids® Cuties (SRP $9.99, Ages 3+) are even cuddlier this fall!  The adorable Cuties come in a variety of precious animal themes including bear, bunny and kitty with a new thumb-sucking feature. www.cabbagepatchkids.com


*We attended this party, and were given a Cabbage Patch Doll, but not asked to write about the event.  I’m writing because we had such an incredible time, I wanted to share our adventure with you all! All opinions are my own!



  1. Nicole@runningwhilemommy says:

    Oh my gosh, how much fun was that! I was 11 when the dolls first hit. I had a couple but my younger sister was cabbage patch crazy! My mom kept all of them and when they recently downsized she gave us all our Cabbage Patch stuff. It was so fun going down memory lane. Great, great post!

  2. Marla says:

    aaaahhhhh the matching pajamas!!!! me and my sister both had them with our dolls and we have a picture somewhere of all 4 of us in the same jammies!!! I love my cabbage patch dolls :)

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  3. Jessica @ Keeping Mommy Sane says:

    Love this! And I TOTALLY remember the smell they had! I won my first doll in a raffle at the old Apex back when parents were pushing each other in the toy store to get one and you couldn’t find a doll anywhere. So crazy. Her name was Elizabeth and I loved her to pieces :) Sounds like you and Avery had such a fun time!

  4. Jen says:

    Wow, that looks like so much fun! Great pictures! I still remember dancing with my Cabbage Patch Kid at my ballet recital. It’s so cool that they are still around and current!!

  5. Jane - MomGenerations.com says:

    Love that you have all those Cabbage Patch pictures from your childhood!! I remember when Audrey and I got Cabbage Patch dolls for Christmas one year – we were SO ecstatic! I think I remember my parents telling me years later that they had to wait in line for HOURS getting those dolls for us! I’m bummed I had to miss this event – it looks and sounds like it was a total blast. How fun for you to share this with Avery!!

  6. Sharon - MomGenerations.com says:

    You took me on such a Memory Lane trip… remembering Audrey and Jane’s Cabbage Patch babies and dolls! Audrey even got a “preemie” when they were “born” because she was a preemie! What a beautiful event, beautiful photos, beautiful trip for you and your beautiful Avery! Thanks for sharing…

  7. Jenny says:

    This makes me want to go and get a cabbage patch kid! I loved them when I was small. Avery is so adorable! They should make a CPD to look like her! Too cute!

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