The KneeBouncers App Saves The Day! *Giveaway*

**Disclosure** I was given a free copy of the KneeBouncers app in order to facilitate this review.  As always, All opinions are my own**



I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Avery is at that age. You know, the age I’m talking about.  The one where she requires constant entertainment. CONSTANT. And if she isn’t being entertained then you’d better expect screeching, grunting, and the possibility of a thrown shoe.

There are those times when I need to take her with me to places that aren’t that interesting for a 17 month old.  A doctors appointment, or the DMV. I can’t afford to hire an au pair to follow us around, teaching Avery French and Latin, and the art of scrimshaw or whatever it is that these expensive, live-in-go-everywhere-with-you nannies teach toddlers.

I’m also pretty sure that if I break out in one more interpretive dance while waiting in the extra long, Saturday morning, line at the post office that I’ll be taken in to custody.

So, there are times when I need something, anything, that will keep her occupied while I do the things that grownups need to do.

“But what?!?!” I asked, shaking my fists at the universe. “What will occupy this child?!”

“KneeBouncers!”  Was the answer I was given!

OK, let’s get serious here.  We all have those times when we need to hand over the iphone or the iPad to prevent our kids from having a complete nuclear meltdown while waiting for our meal, riding the train, or sitting at big brother’s baseball game. There are eleventy-billion kids apps out there, but it’s difficult to find good ones for the toddler set.  Many games are a bit too hard for them to understand, some are not educational at all, others are downright annoying for mommy and daddy to listen to.

So let me introduce you to KneeBouncers.  KneeBouncers ia an app designed specifically for pre-shoolers age 6 months to 4 years.


KneeBouncers was created by two dads frustrated with the lack of content for their own toddlers on the Internet. Combining their creative and programming skills, they created a site that was fun, easy-to-use and safe. Through word of mouth, it quickly grew from being a creative endeavor between good friends for their own children, to a website visited by more than two million families every year. promotes play with purpose. We believe that through play, little ones can creatively explore and discover their world, while developing a lifelong love of learning. Our mission is to engage, encourage, entertain and educate in a safe online environment.

I love that the app is free of third party advertisements.  With other apps, I would often find that Avery had clicked through to other sites or apps, but with KneeBouncers you can be sure that your child will stay within the app, and not have to worry about them racking up a grand or 5 in App Store purchases! Hooray!

KneeBouncers offers more than 40 games, in different catergories:

Classic: Classic games that little ones have enjoyed for years online. Designed with the help of early education experts to ensure developmentally appropriate content. (17 games)

Letters: Learning the alphabet has never been more fun! Games concentrate on upper and lower case letter recognition, letter sounds, and the alphabet. (8 games)

Numbers: Games that focus on number recognition, number sequencing, and number counting give your little one a strong mathematical foundation. (8 games)

Shapes: Identify, name and match shapes! Great interactive and fun games for your little ones to learn the basic shapes. (6 games)

Colors: Games help children learn to identify colors.  (5 games)

Avery’s personal favorites are all from the Classic Collection.  She loves Pop-a-Lot and Music Maker!

We took a trip to New York City today, and we had a nearly two hour train ride each way.  KneeBouncers was our saving grace!


And, KneeBouncers is always there for me when I need to wash dishes, or make dinner!


And, look!  It’s Sly Cat!  One of the KneeBouncers characters!!  Avery got him on her first trip to NYC, at BlogHer!

I really love how easy this app is for Avery to navigate on her own. The colors, sounds and characters keep her entertained, and laughing.

I think it’s great how it isn’t just a mindless app. It is actually helping her to learn, through play!



For more information on and the KneeBouncers app Go to:


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And here comes the best part!!!  I’m giving the app away to one lucky reader! (Currently available for iphone and ipad only)  Enter through Rafflecopter, below!

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**Disclosure** I was given a free copy of the KneeBouncers app in order to facilitate this review.  As always, All opinions are my own**


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