Living Tree: Raising The Pride *App Review*


Our life is hectic. Work. Doctors appointments. Play dates. Birthday’s. Events. Parties. Activities. There is always something going on, and it can be really hard to keep track of everything.

Before I became a mom, my mind was sharp. I retained pretty much everything I took in. I never forgot an appointment, I never missed an event. I was never, EVER late. My calendar was stored in my mind.

Then I had Avery and when she was born she pulled some of my brains out with her.  Seriously. Something happened. I can no longer keep track of the happenings in our life.   “Is her doctors appointment on Monday at 10am or Wednesday at 3pm? Wait, maybe 3pm Wednesday is that thing at the Library…no, that’s Thursday..maybe…”  I just can’t keep it all together.

We keep a calendar….but I’m the only one who writes anything on it, and only if I remember to do so.  If we’re invited to a play-date by a mom at swim lessons, chances are, I will forget to write it down.  Then spend the whole week thinking “Why do I feel like we had plans this Saturday?”

living tree before

I break out in hives just looking at this mess!


But now, there is one place to organize schedules, converse and share precious memories safely and securely. That place is Living Tree!

conversations living tree cell phone app

So much nicer!

Created by parents, Living Tree provides a private environment to help organize a busy family with coordination tools for parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches and others. The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.

Living Tree supports families in three major areas:


  • Shared calendar system
  • Automatically integrates classes, school events, parent-teacher conferences, sports practices/games
  • Real-time calendar updates with mobile notification
  • Supports Outlook, Apple Cal, Google Calendar, etc


  • The “Conversation” feature provides tools for parents, caregivers, teachers and coaches to securely converse with each other, share posts, media and other files that may support a child’s development


  • The “Memories” feature allows parents, teachers and coaches to share photos and videos

Living Tree is a modern way for tech savvy parents to coordinate, converse and share their child’s class assignments, activities, events and appointments with the network that matters most.


living tree calendar

Here’s a sample of our weekly schedule!

Living Tree is available on both apple and android smart phones/tablets as well as online, making it perfect for families and friends who utilize different platforms!

And it’s not only for families! The app is great for teachers and coaches who need to get schedules and info out to their students and teams (So much easier than those annoying phone chains we all grew up with!) It’s also perfect for clubs and groups, like Girls Scouts or Mom’s clubs!

I’m thrilled to find an app that will prevent our family from having those (sometimes daily) arguments that start with “You NEVER told me about this….”

Learn more about Living Tree check out their website at  You can also follow Living Tree on Facebook and  Twitter


    • Sarah says:

      Yes, I need this for my sanity (and my husband’s lol) I use my phone a lot too, but even when I do remember to tell my husband, he forgets haha Now we can both be on the same page!

  1. Teresa says:

    The team aspect is what stands out to me in this app. My sons played on many baseball, soccer and basketball teams and some are year round. This app would be wonderful for a coach to be able to set or change practices or if games are postponed you would know immediately when and where. It is also wonderful for the parents to not have to call each other to keep updated. I would use this app in a heartbeat.

  2. audrey says:

    Thank you Sarah for the post! And if anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

    twitter: @raisethepride

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