Coolibar Kept Us Sunburn Free!

**Disclosure: I was given the items I reviewed in exchange for my honest opinions.**

So, if you’ve ever met me or seen a photo of me, you’d know that I’m pale.  My mom prefers to say “Peaches and cream” or “Fair skinned” or “stunningly gorgeous” (I may have made up that last one) But ,those are just nice ways of saying “Girl, you look like a ghost!”

I’m pale, and I burn within minutes of going out in the sun. What makes that even more fantastic is that I have ridiculously sensitive skin and I break out from pretty much every sunscreen on the market.

When I found out I was pregnant I prayed that  the baby would have my hair and eye color, and look like me, but have Dave’s complexion. This was a ridiculous dream because, seriously, how many blue eyed, strawberry blonde haired, TAN kids do you see running around?  That’s right. None.

You’ve all seen Avery. She isn’t tan. In fact, she may be even more “fair skinned” than I am!

To add even more “awesomeness”…skin cancer runs in Dave’s family. Sadly, it is what his grandmother passed away from and other family members have also had it. So we take our skin and it’s protection very seriously.

Now, I’m sure you all know that we vacation in Florida quite a bit. Florida is hot, and they call it The Sunshine State for a reason. I actually call it the SunBURN State because I’ve had some pretty severe sunburns while visiting! So what is a pale-sun screen allergic-high risk for skin cancer-family to do?  COVER UP!

We discovered our new favorite summer beach, pool and every day apparel—- Coolibar!

Coolibar’s mission is to develop superior sun protective products that allow people to enjoy life in the sun. We design, manufacture and market a range of quality sun protection products including sun protective clothes, SPF clothing, sun hats, sun protection swimwear, sunglasses, umbrellas, sunscreens and sunscreen. Coolibar is a private company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I packed my Resort Swim Shirt and Avery’s Infant Beach Romper and hat (all made from aqua SUNTECT® UPF 50+ swimwear fabric) and off we went to the Sunshine State!




The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating system measures the UV protection provided by fabric. It is very similar to the SPF rating system used for sunscreens.

A garment with a UPF of 50 only allows 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the surface of the garment to pass through it. In other words, it blocks 49/50ths or 98% of the UV radiation.

All Coolibar brand garments rate UPF 50+, which is the highest possible rating.

We LOVED our Coolibar apparel!  The firs time we wore them was at the resort pool….

coolibar resort swim shirt beach romper toddler sun upf spy vacation attire apparel


I was really impressed with how comfortable my shirt was to swim in! It fit close to my body but it wasn’t uncomfortably tight, and I really loved the color and pattern! Avery looked so stinking cute in her romper.  Unfortunately she refused to wear her hat in the pool! She never seemed uncomfortable, and swam just as she does in a standard bathing suit!


We spent a lot of time at the resort pool, and I loved that I never had to worry about Avery’s skin! (She had sun block on her face, hands and feet, of course) We all stayed sunburn free!!

The next stop on our Florida vacation was Englewood, where my Aunt and Uncle live!  One day we took Avery to the beach where I used to go as a child.  Again, we suited up in our Coolibar and were ready for more fun!



Not that she’d ever be out in the water alone, but I did love how the bright colors of her suit made her easy to see! (Because we all know it only takes a second for little kids to run off!)


Avery’s romper was perfect for playing in (and eating) the sand!   I even had a woman come over to tell me “That is the smartest thing I’ve ever seen a tourist do!!” She said how she is at the beach almost every day (A retired “transplant” from Massachusetts!) and sees so many little ones with awful sun burns. She of course mentioned how pale I was (Gee….thaaaanks…) and again complimented me on being so “smart” (Gee!! THANKS!!)

We spent about two hours playing in the sand, swimming, eating sand (and shells–seriously?  My kid…) chasing “duckies” and then headed home.

I was so impressed with the comfort and quality of our Coolibar products. I followed the washing directions, and was thrilled at how well everything held up! No pulling or pilling, no rough spots from the sand, no discoloration from the chlorine. They looked as good as new!

And, don’t forget, they offer more than swimwear!  They have everything from shirts and pants to dresses and scarves. Sunglasses, hats of all kinds, and even sunscreen and sun shelters for the beach! I’m already looking to purchase more Coolibar apparel for our family’s summer wardrobe!

I also love the Coolibar gives back to the community through their award winning School Sun Hat Program The program provides deep discounts to schools, day-cares and nonprofit organizations on  UPF 50+ children’s sun hats and bulk sunscreens!

With winter rapidly approaching, and lots of us Northerners heading South for vacation, I highly recommend Coolibar products! You will not be disappointed, and you wont have your family and friends calling you “Lobster” through your entire vacation!


For more information, or to purchase products Visit:

You can also find Coolibar on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


**Disclosure: I was given the items I reviewed in exchange for my honest opinions.**




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