You Say You Want a RESOLUTION…..

WHAT?!  it’s already 2014?  How did THAT happen?  How is it possible that this year flew by so fast? 2014??  That means in a few months I’ll have a two year old. A. TWO. YEAR. OLD!!

So, anyway…. We’re supposed to make resolutions, right? I usually don’t.  I don’t want to say I’m a “quitter” buuuutt…..  No, honestly, I just don’t like to make resolutions. I think it’s better to set ATTAINABLE goals.  They don’t have to be crazy, they don’t have to be hard. Just little things, that will improve your life, and the lives of those around you.

Here are the goals I have set for myself for 2014:

1) I WILL mail these Christmas cards. And then next November, I’ll make cards, order them, and send them out well before Christmas. See, I’m REALLY good at buying cards, writing them out, and even addressing the envelopes.  But then comes time to put the stamps on. I never have stamps. Never. Even when I KNOW I have some, I can’t find them.  So that stack of cards sits on the counter, staring me down. But 2014 will be different! (I also apologize to everyone who gave Avery a birthday gift. I wrote out the Thank you cards…..but, uhm, they’re are still un-mailed, and now I think it would be odd to receive one almost a year later….)

2) Make time for us. Dave and I don’t spend much time together without the bambino. I think we’ve had 3, maybe 4 date nights since she was born. I want that to change! Even though we are an old married couple we actually still have a really great time together. I want to have a great time together more regularly. At least once a month if not more. (Hopefully more.)

3) I’m going to write more. I said this last year, and I was successful, but I want to increase it again for 2014!

4) Create more family recipes!  Growing up there were certain dishes that my mom made. Things that none of my friends had ever heard of. There were things she made up, or changed from recipes she found. Those dishes were always my favorites and I want Avery to grow up with things that “Only” mom makes.

5) Save for Disney. Yes, I know I know “You guys ALWAYS go to Disney”  You’re right, we do. However, this year, I’d like to save the money, and pay off the trip in one payment. I don’t want to book a trip and then stress about paying it off, or a week before we leave have something go wrong with the car or house that pulls our funds (Which ALWAYS seems to happen!!) I want vacation to be paid off, and for us to have all our spending money set aside. This savings “plan” starts today.

6) Win the New Year, New You contest with The Petteruti Center!  and continue to work on my health (even if I don’t win I will still be working with Dr. Petteruti to get to the bottom of some of my medical issues)

7) Finally take family photos!! We haven’t had family photos done since Avery was a tiny tot. I haven’t felt “pretty” or “skinny” enough to document. Avery deserves to have photos of her whole family to look back on, and I need to get over my insecurities. (It would be really nice if I won the New Year New You contest and did lose weight though…. lol)

8) Clean out the piles of clothes in the basement!!!  I’ve been holding on to everything for so long saying “When I lose weight it will fit…” But seriously?  It’s time to let it go!  Even if it does fit, if I lose weight A.) It wont be in style anymore and B.) I DESERVE new clothes!!

9)  Remember that I do DESERVE new things! Since Avery was born I have had so much trouble spending money on myself. If someone hands me $100 95 of it will go to Avery and $5 of it will buy me Starbucks.  I nearly had a meltdown in the mall last month when I was debating buying myself new boots. I couldn’t handle spending “that kind of money” on myself, when that money would buy “so many things” for Avery.  Does Avery need new clothes?  Absolutely not, they girl could open her own consignment shop at this point. Do I NEED new boots?  ABSOLUTELY! I got rid of my old boots in 2009, when I moved to Oklahoma. Then I moved to RI, and I’ve spent every winter since then, bootless. I NEED boots. So, I bought boots. I need to remember that I need things too, and It doesn’t make me a terrible mom if I spend some of my hard earned money on myself.

  • 9a) Be ME! I wrote before about how I haven’t changed, but as a mom I have noticed some changes that I’m not that happy with. I need to be true to myself, do thing the way I want to, dress the way I want to, and not worry about anyone else.  I made a step in the right direction this week when I went shopping for riding boots, at the store It dawned on me “I don’t even LIKE riding boots! I’m only buying them because everyone else has them!”  I then found a pair of slouchy, suede, boho style boots that are 100% ME!  I love them!!  I also went back to my old school sneaker roots and asked Dave to buy me a pair of classic adidas sneakers. I do not need to fit in to the “Rhode Island Suburban Mom” mold. I can still be the Original Sarah, who happens to be a mom living in suburban Rhode Island.

10) Say adios to the negatives! I say this every year, but I think this really should be something we do every year (or every month if need be!) Kick those negative voices to the curb! Those people don’t need to take up any space in my life!

So what are your goals for 2014? Whatever those goals are, I support you and I’m cheering you on!!


  1. Jen says:

    Gosh, it’s scary how many “resolutions” we have in common. I also think we agree that setting a list is a recipe for disaster. One at a time and we have to learn to let ourselves be less than perfect. Yikes! I look forward to hearing about your successes and hope I have some to share with you!

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