Winter, Weddings, and Washing Bottles

The weekend after Christmas; Dave, Avery and I trekked into the Catskills to attend the winter wedding of my dear cousin Marilu and her wonderful husband Noel. It was quite an adventure. We drove through a snowstorm, and literally slid into our parking space. (They don’t call it Slide Moutain Rd. for nothing!)

Photo courtesy of Jill Steinberg

Photo courtesy of Jill Steinberg

The wedding was a whole weekend event held at The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. We stayed on the resort property in a house (The New Moon Lodge) with my parents, aunts, uncles, cousin, our Pastor, and a few close family friends.  It was Part Family reunion, part summer camp (in the winter?) and part frat house.  Oh and our dog, Daisy, was there too.

Map Courtesy of The Full Moon Resort

Map Courtesy of The Full Moon Resort

Those of you who bottle feed, know that washing bottles can be a pain in the butt, especially when you’re on vacation. Avery has lost a couple of her bottles, and since she’s near a year old I have refused to purchase any more. We’re now down to 4. This is fine at home, where I’m never more than a few feet from the sink, but at the wedding, bottle washing facilities would be a bit harder to come by. Of course we had a kitchen in the house, but between the 4 hour drive, getting myself dressed, getting Avery dressed, making sure Dave’s shirt was ironed, and his socks matched, the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, I didn’t know when I’d have time to wash bottles! Then, like a little plastic angel, Steri-bottle entered my life!

steri-bottle packaging

Steri-bottle is not like other baby feeding bottles that need to be repeatedly washed and reused. They are single-use and ready to use straight from the box. This ensures that your baby drinks from a brand-new, clean and hygienic bottle every time she feeds. Steri-bottle is 100% recyclable and BPA free too. Designed in the UK (which was fitting, since the Groom is also from the UK) and made in America (the bride was also made in America!! haha) and come in a choice of 2, 5 or 10 bottles and nipples per box.

steri-bottle packs

My Steri-bottles arrived on my doorstep the day before we left for the wedding! The timing was perfect! I packed them up with the rest of our gear and we hit the road.

The first time we tried Steri-bottle was in the car on the way down. Avery wasn’t so sure about them because of the different nipple, and the fact that the bottles are much larger than what she is used to, but she caught on, and sucked down the bottle in no time! The best part was that I could just recycle it when we stopped at the rest stop! No nasty, funky, stinky, cheesy, bottles festering in the car!!

We used our Steri-bottles the whole weekend without issue. They are really simple to use, lightweight, and I was impressed with how secure the nipples are! It’s nearly impossible to get those suckers off! (You don’t need to, since they are disposable, but I wanted to try, for the sake of the review)

Avery enjoyed reading and drinking from her steri-bottle at the reception.

Avery enjoyed reading her new “book” and drinking from her steri-bottle at the reception.

The only “problem” we encountered was that people couldn’t tell that they were disposable. We gave our server at the reception a heads up that he could recycle it because we didn’t want them to think we’d accidentally left our bottle on the table, and track us down to return it. In fact, my aunt saw one we had left in our room and it is currently en route to our house via US Mail!

Steri-botttle is available at Babies R Us and many other major retailers

We really liked Steri-bottle and we would definitely use them again on our next road trip!

Check them out!

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And congratulations to the happy couple!

Photo courtesy of Heidi Benjamin Photography

Photo courtesy of Heidi Benjamin Photography


*Disclosure-I was given Steri-bottles to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Courtney Buteau says:

    OK, that is genius! So great for traveling! I remember when we drove with Chloe to Florida when she was 7 weeks old, (yes, we’re crazy!), I packed like 12 bottles and had to wash them all in the hotel room. This would have been perfect! Glad Avery adjusted to them. :)

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