Wicked Cyclone Will Blow You Away!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event as a member of the media. All opinions of this incredible coaster and awesome park are my own. Wicked Cyclone Logo graphic Wicked Cyclone Media Day at Six Flags New England
OK you guys…I love my job. Seriously. I know I complain sometimes about long hours staring at my computer screen, and  back pain from my not-even-remotely-ergonomic desk set up, but, with this job comes some pretty awesome opportunities!

Today, I got to be one of the very first people to ride the highly anticipated, Wicked Cyclone roller coaster, opening May 24th at Six Flags New England!!!!  And let me tell you, It. Was. INCREDIBLE!  It has moved right into the #1 spot on my Top Ten Coaster list!!

I’ll tell you a bit more about the coaster in a second, but first, let me take a moment now to show you this adorable little blog and photo assistant:Avery is so excited about the Wicked Cyclone Media event at six flags new england Look at her posing with her little media badge!!!

Avery got to tag along on this adventure, and while she’s not big enough to ride, that didn’t stifle her excitement!  We were all excited about WIcked Cyclone!Of course, she may have just been excited about all the free Friendly’s Ice Cream they were handing out… (Thank you Friendly’s!!!)  Celeb sightings at Six Flags! Bugs, superheroes, Rob from Biggest Loser Season 16We arrived at the event, and grabbed a spot up front for the opening ceremony. We were surrounded by celebrities!! Bugs Bunny, Wonder Woman, Miss Massachusetts, and even Rob from Biggest Loser! The presenters at the grand opening of Wicked Cyclone Six Flags New EnglandWe got to hear from Six Flags New England Communications Manager Jennifer McGrath, Extreme Meteorologist and Storm Chaser Reed Timmer, Six Flags New England President John Winkler and Friendly’s Ice Cream EVP and COO Steven Weigel. They were all just as excited about this coaster as all of us were!

The Red Cross at Six Flags New EnglandThe Red Cross was also on hand to talk about what they do for our communities when disaster strikes.

Six Flags New England made a donation of $5000.00  to The Red Cross of MA and 5000 park tickets to the Red Cross employees and volunteers. Friendly’s then matched the $5000.00 donation and gave 5000 cartons of ice cream!! How awesome it that?!

Wicked Cyclone digital image And then, it was time to ride!!

Take a minute (well, a minute and 46 seconds) to watch this animated ride along video.

Seriously. Best. Coaster. EVER! And I’ve ridden quite a few!

The track is unbelievably smooth, at no point do you feel like you’re being rattled, or shaken, or tossed around like some coasters. I also love that it utilizes a locking lap restraint, (a very secure locking lap restraint, that even prevents your legs from moving) as opposed to the over the shoulder style restraints we’re all used to on coasters with inversions. Oh, and it is fast! Super fast! Had I been by myself, I’d have ridden until they kicked me out! Avery wasn’t all that interested in waiting for me, though, so today, it was just one ride. #sadtrombone

Here are a few fun facts about Wicked Cyclone:

  • Designed by Engineer (and my hero!) Alan Schilke of Rocky Mountain Construction
  • It is a Hybrid coaster integrating both wood and steel
  • Built using much of the existing structure from the original Cyclone rollercoaster
  • This coaster has 3,320 feet of track
  • It stands 10 stories tall
  • Reaches speeds of up to 55 mph
  • 24 seatsper train
  • 109 foot hill
  • First coaster of its kind to have a 200 degree stall and two Zero G Rolls
  • The world’s only Double Reversing Bank Airtime Hill
  • Riders experience more airtime than any other coaster in New England

Great themeing at Wicked Cyclone The themeing of the queue and surrounding area was great, and we made a quick stop in the gift shop (of course) to check out the cool Wicked Cyclone merch! Lunch was provided at the event. Avery enjoyed every bite.Then it was time for lunch!! Six Flags was kind enough to provide all in attendance with a free, and delicious, lunch! Avery was in heaven with her fruit, hot dog and mac & cheese!  Fun day at Six Flags New EnglandAfter lunch it was time to take a few more photos and head home.  We had an incredible day at Six Flags New England, and cannot wait to go back for a few more rides on Wicked Cyclone, as well as all the other rides and attractions the park has to offer!


So what do you think?  Are you brave enough to weather the storm and ride Wicked Cyclone?

Wicked Cyclone opens May 24, 2015. Season Pass Holders can get an exclusive early preview on May 22 and 23.

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  1. Jen says:

    I was nervous just watching the video! I’m not a huge roller coaster person but this one seemed super long. Now, the facts you gave were half Greek to me, so you may have answered my question already, but I just thought I’d clarify. It’s not like I’m riding it any time soon (read: EVER!) but I thought I’d ask anyway. I’m glad you had a great day. It looks like the weather was as beautiful there as it was here :)

    PS: does the little one’s camera take real pictures or is it just a toy? I also LOVE that she had her own media pass. She’s hit the big time now!
    Jen recently posted…RESCUE!My Profile

    • Sarah says:

      Haha she was pretty good at her job and works for free ice cream!! It’s such a great coaster, I didn’t find it all that “scary” because it was so smooth, but it was incredibly exhilarating!

  2. Sean King says:

    That is so awesome! looks way cool. I think that it is so awesome that you get a new ride and we get a new ride. Come to CA again for the most EXTREME Roller Coasters. HEHE. Or just an excuse to visit. Can’t wait till Saturday to go on Twisted Colossus. And after looking at it, these two rides kind of simulate each other jutst TC has two tracks rather than one.

    • Sarah says:

      It was awesome! Twisted Colossus looks AMAZING as well! I’d love to get out there to ride that one (And all the others, and to see you guys!!) The two coasters are very similar because they were both designed Alan Schilke!!

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