Where is the glow?

Its a few days past week 14 and I’m still waiting for that “Pregnancy Glow” to kick in.  So far the only glow I have comes from oily skin.

Why was I blessed with an “Ugly” pregnancy? My skin has always been clear. One pimple a month, if that. Never more.  Suddenly little zits are cropping up all over!  I dread looking in the mirror every morning because I never know what will be staring back at me. Puffy eyes, another zit, hives on my neck.  I’m a mess.

I’ve been told “Oh, it’s a girl! Girls steal your beauty, and boys give you that glow.” Well, this little girl (maybe) is in big trouble when she gets here because we don’t condone stealing of any kind in this family!

I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing husband. He still thinks I’m beautiful (or at least he tells me I am, daily) in spite of my man brows, pizza face and puffy eyes.

Someone please pass the Noxema!

How did you look during your pregnancy? Did you have that glow? Or did your skin look worse than a 13 year olds?


  1. Beth @ TheAngelForever says:

    Hormones are “fun” in more ways than one during pregnancy – no?! Honestly, I don’t remember too much about breaking out during either of my pregnancies. I had itchy skin, especially my hands and feet both times. After kiddo two, I had a lot of skin tags by my eyes (really annoying me now). During my second pregnancy I was working full time, had a 3 year old, and was SO sick several times. Much of that is a blur to me.

    FYI, my pregnancies were very different, so I thought I was having a girl the second time around since I was carrying different. Negative on that. Happy, healthy, babies are what is important.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh yes, so much “fun” haha Yeah, I’m also very itchy, hands, elbows, feet…everything!

      Yes, everyone tells me different things “Ohhh I was so sick with my daughter, youre definitely having a girl” and “My son was the hardest pregnancy, I think youre having a boy”

      We’ll see on Nov 1st!!

  2. liza says:

    ha ha i looked terrible (you by the way looked great when i saw you a few weeks ago!) i went from being the always skinny girl who didn’t even have to try being skinny to gaining 50lbs – yup 50 – with my 1st pregnancy. it was terrible. i didn’t even eat like crazy – i did however think for some reason it was smart to drink as much whole milk as possible and i did. so that didn’t help. 10mo later i had lost all but the remaining 15lbs and i was pregnant with the twins… bam, another 50lbs. always envied the cute pregnant ones, lol

    • Sarah says:

      HAHA Thanks (but remember, we were not in the greatest lighting… lol) I just always hoped I’d be one of those cute pregnant women, ya know like all the celebrities! I actually lost 4lbs during my first trimester because I just couldn’t eat. But I gained those 4lbs back in the last 3 weeks. I’m not “eating for two” but the only foods I don’t have an aversion too are not the best…pasta, bread & butter, mac & cheese…..fast food burgers…. I’m hoping some of these food aversions go away!

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