Were You Raised By “Wolfs?”

The following is a True Story. Names have not been changed because the innocent don’t need to be protected, and the guilty weren’t wearing name tags. These events took place over the course of 15 minutes. Please excuse the crummy cell phone pictures.

Dave and I made the trip out to Mohegan Sun Casino tonight.  We don’t gamble, or chain smoke, but we enjoy people watching and having dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville (Try the Shrimp and Broccoli pasta, it is to die for and LOADED with shrimp!)

After dinner we decided to spend a few minutes browsing some of the shops the casino has to offer. One of them is The Old Farmers Almanac General Store.  We’ve been in this store before and they have some cute gifts, candles, seasonings and jams, aprons, and countless country style chotckies.  Our experience was the opposite of positive.

About 15 seconds after we walked in we were approached by an employee asking if we needed any help.  We said “No, just looking, thanks” and she was on her way.  No problem. We continued our browsing. A minute later we were approached again by a different employee.  Again we informed her we didn’t need help, and that we were just looking around.  It started to get annoying, but we wanted to continue browsing.  After the third employee approached we started to get REALLY  annoyed.

I worked retail for many years while in college and beyond. I know what to look for in a shoplifter. Baggy shirts and pants. Unseasonable attire (like a giant puffy coat in July) Bags. Strollers. Ski Masks.  I was basically dressed like a pregnant librarian. Plain. No jacket.  I don’t even carry a purse.  Dave had on a light North Face jacket.  Dave also does not carry a purse (or a “murse” if you prefer).

Let me show you how I was dressed:

Now, I’m not sure what part of this outfit, or just my “look” in general made me look so suspicious, but apparently this is how a Farmers Almanac General Store shoplifter looks. Slow moving pregnant women in tight maternity shirts and yellow Chuck Taylors.  Where exactly was I going to conceal the box of cookie mix I was supposedly stealing?

“I don’t know what you’re taking about officer!  I don’t have anything under my shirt!”

We’re on our way out when yet ANOTHER employee approaches. We say that we’re fine,  but he refuses to leave and instead, stands 4 feet away from us watching our every move!

This is when I notice “The Sign”  The one that almost got me kicked out of Mohegan Sun for life (ok, maybe it wasn’t THAT dramatic) I needed to take a picture.  couldn’t leave without documenting it.  So I waited for our friendly stalker to move it along and I discreetly snapped this picture.

Wolfs? WOLFS?? Who was your English teacher?

I have a few (ok, many) pet peeves. People saying “Wolfs” instead of “Wolves” is one of them.  It makes my skin crawl. I can’t help it, I just want to punch the person in the teeth when I hear it.

I slid my phone back in my pocket and turned around, only to be “greeted” by 4 employees staring at me with disdain.  The tall one approached me “Can I elp you ma’am?  What is the picture? Why are you taking pictures in our store?”  I’d been caught.   My heart was pounding, Avery was kicking, I was sweating and I KNOW my face turned every shade of red in the Crayola Big Box.  What was I supposed to say?  While I wanted to whip out my “Grammar Police” badge, tell the guy that he was a complete MORON, and ask if he was raised by “wolfs”  I am not the kind of person who enjoys humiliating people in public. So after a few “uhms” and “uhhhs”  I said “well, let me show you…there is a mistake on your sign….I have a friend who is an English teacher and seeing this stuff makes her skin crawl so I just wanted to take a picture of it.  See, you guys wrote WOLFS….it’s supposed to be WOLVES…plural….” He stared blankly, mouth wide open, catching flies then said “Oh.”  I turned, grabbed Dave and we high tailed it out of there. We exchanged looks of “Did that just happen?  I mean REALLY?!”  Then headed over to The Toy Shop where the two female employees greeted us and then left us alone.

I have to say, as funny as the story is, we wont be going back to The Farmers Almanac Country Store ever again, and probably wont be heading to Mohegan Sun any time soon (as gorgeous as it is)  It’s sad that some overzealous employees of one little store can completely ruin the entire Mohegan Sun experience.

Sorry Mohegan, but we might be visiting the Fox People down the street next time.   As for Jimmy Buffet’s, I guess we’ll have to see you again at one of your other locations.  One that is a bit less smokey and accusatory.

UPDATE!!  I got a response from Mohegan Sun via their facebook page:

While we were disappointed to hear that your experience was “not so shining” this weekend, we do thank you for your feedback. AND, we can report that a new sign is now posted near the WOLVES. Correctly spelled. Best wishes for the upcoming arrival of your baby. (A Jimmy Buffett fan in training?!)

I was really impressed with the quality response!  Great sense of humor from the Mohegan Sun Social Media people!!


  1. Beth @ TheAngelForever says:

    *shaking head* Wow, what in the heck was up their rear that they were tailing you around. I seriously hope that you share this with Mohegan Sun to let them know what happened. The tacky behavior of their FOUR employees and the sign are sad. Seriously, did they think that Avery was not really there and something being hidden? Did I miss the eBay auction for the “Faux Pregnancy Shoplifters Kit – Now With Emergency Water Break Action”? Oy!

    • Sarah says:

      I guess Dave and I just look like serious criminals LOL
      I was saying to Dave that people must have started buying “fat suits” as means of concealing contraband, so they thought I was doing the same lol

  2. Sarah says:

    hahahahhaa this was quite the story that made me read and read and read LOL I will share :) That DOES look pretty funny a prego mama stealing What a night!

    • Sarah says:

      LOL Sarah, Thanks. It WAS funny, but we did feel totally uncomfortable in the store, which was the “issue” But we were laughing the whole ride home saying “Did that really just take place?” It was like something out of a sitcom

  3. janice hovey says:

    Great story, Sarah..I enjoyed your story..Mrs. McNamee isn’t the only one ..Also thought your name “Shopswithafist” is very funny..

  4. Make you feel like an adult? says:

    I’ve seen a lot of posts from bored bloggers with too much time on their hands and lots to whine about, but this one may take the cake.

    Mock someone for being less intelligent or educated than you are… does that make you feel better?

    • Sarah says:

      I’m not quite sure where the “whining” took place, I am far from “bored” and at no point was I intending to mock anyone. The manager seemed to want to know why I took a picture of his sign, He asked, I answered. Had he not been creepily following us around he never would have been embarrassed by his mistake.

      Also, next time please leave me your name and a real e-mail address. Your IP is SUNY Albany but I’d love to know more about your identity. I’m not “anonymous” Why do you feel that you need to be?

      Thanks for reading!

        • Sarah says:

          I just wish people had the courage to stand behind their words and not hide behind a fake name and e-mail address. It’s so cowardly and immature. It’s hard to take a person seriously when they don’t have enough respect for themselves, or belief in their own opinion to be open and not “anonymous”

    • jen senecal says:

      I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when a BUSINESS cannot present proper grammar. Which, yes, does make them sound uneducated, and, no, I don’t trust a business that might not have educated staff because I also equate that to a business not being savvy or trustworthy or SMART or even worth my time–I have high expectations from the people I spend my money with and from the people who put things out to the world for my children to see. Why do people not understand that grammar and proper English is SO important these days? We all sound like a bunch of morons.

      My other biggest pet peeve? Anonymous blog commenters. Just doesn’t make sense to point out what you think are faults in the blogger when you can’t even leave your name. Drives me nuts.

      And, Sarah, your post was hysterical. And if they hadn’t been following you around the store and hadn’t asked you what your picture was all about, you would have never even told them. Also, what’s wrong with being smart and correct? I constantly wish I could point out the horrific grammar to so many businesses and tell them to smarten up. Does it make me feel better about myself to know I’ve found something wrong? No. The exact opposite, actually. It makes me angry that people value grammar less and less nowadays. And, some of the time, it’s not even about being “less educated,” so much as it is about being lazy in being sure you’ve correctly written something BEFORE you put anything out for the public to see. As a writer and as a business-person who edits everything before I put it out, I cringe when others don’t find the value in being grammatically correct. Especially businesses.

      PLEASE… don’t get me started.

      • Sarah says:

        I agree! As someone who works to create store signage, I am almost disturbed when stores don’t but any time or effort into making sure what they write is correct. This isn’t an e-mail I received from someone, or even a blog post. This is a sign, in a store. In a casino where you have millions of people visiting. Including EXTREMELY educated adults, celebrities, high profile people from all over the world. I would think that a store in such a location would care about what they are putting out there for people to see. AND that they’d want to know if something were wrong.

  5. Alexandra (my REAL name ya'll!) says:

    Sarah, as a Communications major, there is nothing that chaps my ass like the improper use of grammar. I see it all the time and I call people out on it, whether it humiliates them or not. Then people wonder why education is going down the tubes in this country?

    I look forward to more humorous material and to the human named “Make you feel like an adult?” (worst fake name ever dude, seriously? I’m guessing your balls haven’t descended enough to allow you to post your true name), I think you’re trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill with your useless comment about hurting people’s feelings. Those “people” should feell ashamed of themselves for not paying attention in school (especially if they’re MANAGEMENT status)…just sayin’

    It only takes one dunce…. :) Happy New Year and keep writing Sarah, for your blogs are anything but boring and full of whining nonsense <3

    • Sarah says:


      I must admit, it DOES make me feel pretty good about myself that my education was a “quality” one. I was taught the difference between “Wolfs” and “Wolves” (as well as the trickier “there, their, they’re”) I owe it all to my mom, who was an English teacher when I was young, my dad, who is a genius, and my teachers in elementary through high school who cared about their students!

  6. Jena DeSalinas says:

    I’ll say it again, with my real name– your post is mean spirited.

    You could have just said that you didn’t like being followed around the store and we all could have sympathized, having walked in those shoes.

    Instead, you picked on the poor grammar of someone who is probably working for minimum wage in a retail environment.

    As a student in Special Education, I find that offensive. Did you ever consider that maybe the person has a learning disability? Maybe they just aren’t very birght? Maybe, no matter how hard their tried or studied, they are already performing to the best of their abilities.

    So I’ll ask you the same question again– does picking on that person make you feel like an adult?

    • Sarah says:

      My post is definitely not mean spirited in any way. You are the only person who feels this way, so clearly you are overly sensitive for some, unknown reason.

      I didn’t “pick on” anyone. I don’t need to do anything to “feel like an adult” I AM and adult.

      He questions why I took a photo. I answered him. It wasn’t malicious. It wasn’t nasty. Had he not asked me what I was taking the picture of, it never would have been an issue. We don’t even know if it was this particular manager who wrote the sign. I didn’t say “Look idiot, you spelled this wrong” I told him I took a picture because a “friend” was an English teacher and it would make her crazy. I didn’t make fun of anyone.

      I’m sorry that YOU found it offensive for whatever reason. You seem to believe the person writing the sign—out there for everyone to see–clearly must have a learning disability and therefore I’m just a mean woman. In reality, it was probably just a stupid mistake by a person who doesn’t know the difference. Maybe they aren’t very bright and in that case… it was a “teaching moment”

      • jen senecal says:

        If what Jena says is even true- that the person has a learning disability- there are OTHER people in that store that work there that should look it over or even NOTICE it, before it goes out to the public. This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with learning disabilities or special needs. The manager isn’t the only person who runs this business. It’s an entire BUSINESS that runs a business. With a staff of people. More than ONE in a store at any given time. No excuses for a sign with incorrect grammar. None. (I happen to know a lot of people with learning disabilities and they would not think this is a malicious post against them.)

      • jen senecal says:

        And, in addition to my last comment, someone who knew they had a learning disability would most likely ask another staffer if their sign was correct before putting it out (knowing they may have written it incorrectly), because people with learning disabilities are still SMART.

  7. ERIN E EASTER aka sexy aka beautiful aka pretty says:

    I think you should have gone back in the store and stolen all the WOLFS. Bahahahaha. Preggo or not, We all know your not a shoplifter, or ARE you??? One Man Wolf Pack It is. lol you WOLFERINE you! GRRRR

  8. Nina Lynch says:

    Oh Sarah…so controversial…hahaha…I thought your post was great and if there was a miss spelling than it should have been brought to someone’s attention. A supervisor should be reviewing and appoving any and all signage (especially handwritten) that goes on the floor. I don’t think you were being mean spirited, or picking on anyone, you were just pointing something out, before some other mean spirited person sent it into David Letterman, Leno, or Conan…As for the person not being bright enough or having a learning disability, if they gave you the wrong amont of change (whether too much or too little) would it have been rude to point that out to them? Or should they just have been fired or written up because there drawer didn’t balance. We seem to have turned into a society that wants to let people get away with bad spelling, grammer, in writing and in verbal skills. As for mininum wage workers there are plenty of smart, college educated people who because of the economy are working for minimum wage, it is not an excuse for spelling errors and bad grammer.
    No quit hiding things under your obviously fake preggo belly and stop shop lifting at cute little stores….xoxo

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you Nina! And GREAT point about being given the wrong change.

      And I worked retail while in college and after college. (I must say I made more than min wage) but I worked with many other highly intelligent people.

  9. Jen says:

    Can I take a moment to point out that this sign was almost definitely done on a computer. Even if not set up to be automatic, the program would have had SPELL CHECK!

    Sarah, we know that your post has nothing to do with anything mean. Seriously, you took the picture because it was going to make someone smile. You wanted to brighten someone’s day, not destroy someone as Jena seems to believe.

    I found it funny. Are any of us perfect? Of course not, but we’re not making signs for the world to see – except for you, Sarah. LOL Really, though, spell check, co-worker check, some sort of check would have been in order before that sign went out into the store.

    In the long run, you’ve helped save them additional embarrassment because (hopefully) they fixed the sign after stalking you. By the way, I love the picture of you “stealing” the box under your shirt!

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