Welcome To Avery’s Place!

I was cleaning up Avery’s room and realized that I never took pictures of it. Dave and I worked so hard to make her room *perfect* yet at no point did we photograph the completed space.

I took some extra time tonight to get it “camera ready” and finished up a few little details that had been neglected.

I’m so happy with the way Avery’s room came out!  When I was pregnant I knew I wanted a calm and serene space. I was not a fan of most of the bedding sets I saw, but fell in love with Willow Organic Baby set by Kidsline. The deer are just so cute and I knew I could take that theme and run with it without it being too crazy. Also, since the space is so small, I wanted to keep the colors light. I think Dave and I did a great job!  If only I could find the before pictures of this room.  To give you an idea of how horrific it was, the woman who lived here before Dave bought the house kept her cats in this room.  We’re pretty sure she had quite a few.  The walls were a most terrible yellow.

Multiple coats of paint, new flooring, brand new baseboard heaters and all new doors & trim, and here you have it……….Avery’s room!!


baby nursery with woodland animal theme


I wanted a special and different way to display photos so I chose to go with all different frames, but keep within a color theme. I added the white flowers and branches to make it more “woodsy”

baby nursery with woodland animal theme


I used scrapbooking letters and a bird photo wire to hang Avery’s name over her crib.  It makes me think of the birds in Cinderella!

baby nursery name decoration, woodland animal theme.


I looked for a rug to match the woodland theme forever!!  Then I found this perfect one at IKEA!!  For less than $20!

forrest rug: baby nursery with woodland animal theme


I also found this bug mobile at IKEA! The ceiling fan is small, and perfect for this tiny room, and our low ceilings!

Bug Mobile: baby nursery with woodland animal theme


I painted clouds and a sun on Avery’s ceiling.  The sun is painted with glow in the dark paint, so at night it becomes the moon!

Ceiling painted with sun and clouds:baby nursery with woodland animal theme


This chair used to be in our living room, but it took up too much space, so we got rid of the glider rocker we had (and I NEVER used) and moved this comfy chair in. It’s perfect for reading bedtime stories! The quilt was made by my dearest neighbor from childhood, Judy. She took old quilt squares (that I found while cleaning out my grandparent’s house) that my Great Grandmother made and put them together into a brand new quilt for Avery!

baby nursery with woodland animal theme


Cozy, isn’t it?

baby nursery with woodland animal theme


This rocking chair has been handed down, I know it was my mother’s but it may have even been my grandfather’s.

baby nursery with woodland animal theme


The changing area.

baby nursery with woodland animal theme


More branches, used to hold flower hair clips!

baby nursery with woodland animal theme


Daisy really needed to be in at least one photo.  She loves to lay in the “river”

baby nursery with woodland animal theme

So, what do you think?


  1. Jen says:

    I really love how you found stuff from all over and kept up with the theme. Avery can keep this theme in her room as long as you’re in the house since it’s not so baby-ish. I just adore it! Would you like to decorate my bedroom?

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