Our Weekend in Photos: 8/9-9/10/14

Every Monday I’m going to try and post what we did over the weekend, in photos (with a few words about where we went and what we did and who we saw, etc.)

Here is our weekend!

We started Saturday off at dance class at Bellani!

Dance class ninja turtles

Then we headed to Edaville USA for some fun rides, a visit with the dinos and more dancing in Dinoland.fun at edaville

We tried to meet the Berenstain Bears (it was Picnic with the Berenstain Bears day) but, as you can see, Avery wasn’t having it.  edaville berenstain bears

When we got home, I did the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness ice bucket challenge ice

On Sunday we slept in and then headed to The Providence Fleaprovidence flea

Where I bought some really awesome earrings from Flightless Creations…fox and flower earings

…and we enjoyed shaved ice and a beautiful day in the city.Providence

We laughed, and posed for photos, and did not feed butts to the ducks!downtown providence

We all had a fun weekend with lot’s of laughs!!  What did you do this weekend?

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