Wear Your Music: Guitar String Bracelets: Review & Giveaway

wear your music wearyourmusic.org  Guitar string bracelets benefitting charity! #jewelry

I love Rock & Roll. I also love cool jewelry. When you combine the two? BAM! Super awesome!!

I recently heard about wear your music.org from fellow Rhody Blogger, Hannah Garrison and I knew, immediately, that I wanted to check it out!

Wear your music.org was founded by Steve Bernstein (Zenbu Media, LLC) and Hannah Garrison (Garrison Design, LLC) The two met through a craigslist ad that Steve posted, and the rest is history (You can read more about that HERE)

The company was built on the four pillars of Music, Sustainability, Fashion & Charity. The company has three main collections:

The Strings Collection features one-size-fits-all guitar and bass string bracelets guitar string rings and keychains. They come in a variety of colors!

The Rock Recycled Collection features guitar string bracelets and earrings made from recycled strings collected from earth-conscious students and budding musicians around the globe.

The Famous Artists Collection is made from strings donated by famous artists like Eric Clapton, Ani Defranco, Bonnie Raitt, Peter Frampton and many more incredibly awesome musicians. Oh!  And 100% of net profits go to the artists’ chosen charity!

Wear Your Music bracelets stackable trendy on trend

I’m IN LOVE with my wear your music.org bracelets! My favorite colors are Totally Teal, Punk Pink and Groovy Green.

I also love the “classic” Simply Silver, Backstage Black and Guitar Gold! They go with everything!

Wear Your Music bracelects come in many colors including traditional black, gold and silver

The bracelets are unisex and even my total “man’s man” of a husband thinks they are cool! He likes the Backstage Black Bass String Bracelet the best, but would totally rock the Simply Silver, too. (He draws the line at Punk Pink…hey, can’t win ’em all!)

Wear Your Music bracelets are unisex

Oh, and remember that whole “one-size fits all” thing?  It’s true!  Even Avery can wear them while composing the next great symphony…or something.

Even kids love Wear Your Music bracelets!

Learn more about wear your music.org by visiting their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER!

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the GIVEAWAY!!!

Four..that’s right!  FOUR lucky readers will win their very own bracelet from the Strings Collection!

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  1. Jen says:

    A thought – do you know if it’s possible to request bracelets from artists not on the list and/or how that would work?

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