We Love Being Teethed!

I love getting mail.  I get excited about catalogs and coupons, I open every ValPack mailer, I love holidays because I know there will be cards. I love mail.  I’m even more thrilled when I find an actual package on my doorstep, especially when I don’t know what the contents are.

I also like shopping, and checking out the newest and coolest things.  Being a new mom I am always interested in the items that can make my life easier. But, it can be hard determining what is really good and what is just a gimmick.  I hate dropping a ton of coin on something that ends up being a total flop! That’s where Teethe Me comes in!  TeetheMe is a subscription service that delivers some amazing goodies to your door every month.  Each month you get a box containing 4-5 cutting-edge products geared towards the 0-3 year old set.   Another thing that I think is fabulous about TeetheMe is that it was started by a mom!  So it truly is For moms, by moms!

The price is $24 a month and the shipping is FREE!!
Pre-pay for 6 months and get one month FREE
Pre-Pay for a full year and get 2 months FREE!

Avery loves TeetheMe!

This week  our first Teethe Me box was dropped at our door by the stork, er, the mail carrier.  To say I was excited to open it is an understatement.  I was halfway out the door, Avery in tow in her carrier, giant diaper bag in the other hand. As soon as I saw that blue box on the steps I dropped everything.  Well, not the baby, that would be awful.  I dropped the diaper bag, and gently set Avery’s carrier down, and proceeded to open the box on the steps.

Look at all the awesomeness!

It was like a treasure chest!  I was so impressed by the contents!  I have had memberships to other similar services, but the quality of products has been pretty poor.  With TeetheMe, not only were the products AWESOME they were USEFUL!

Here’s what was inside:

Lula Clips
Realy cool clips that hold car seat straps back and out of the way.  I love these since Avery spends considerable nap time in her car seat, it prevents her from laying on the buckles.

Le bibble:
A bib, for your bottle!  It’s like a hands free burp cloth.  I love this because Avery is a very messy eater.  I think just as much milk ends up on her chin and neck as in her belly. With Le bibble around the neck of her bottle, the drips don’t make it very far!

L’oved baby:
Like I mentioned above, Avery is messy.  This super-soft, reversible bib helps me keep her shirts dry!
Retail: $10

Teething Bling:
Even though Avery isn’t teething yet, and wont be for awhile, I have been wanting some Teething Bling!
Retail: $19.99

Greenleaf Sachet:
SMELLS AMAZING! I want one for every room, and especially the shoe closet!
Retail: $2.50

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Ok–So let’s do the math! That is a total retail value of $57.43!!!! (and remember; you only paid $24!!)

I’d say that a TeetheMe subscription is definitely worth it! Don’ forget, even if you don’t have any little ones at home, you can give TeetheMe as a gift!  I think any new mom would love to get a TeetheMe box on their doorstep every month!

Become of a fan of TeetheMe on Facebook for all things parenting, and then sign up to Get Teethed at TeetheMe.com!!

*I was sent a TeetheMe box for this review.  The opinions are my own (Have you ever known me to give an opinion that wasn’t my own?)

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