Toddler Costumes: Lions & Pumpkins & Poodle Skirts! Oh My!

It’s my favorite time of year!!!  FALL!!  Apple picking, leaf peeping, apple cider donuts, cooler temperatures, pumpkins and HALLOWEEN!!!

I LOVE Halloween.  It is my favorite Holiday (St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving are a very, very close 2nd & 3rd) What other holiday allows your to get dressed up in a costume, or turn your front yard into a cemetery, or go our to house asking for candy?  None!  Not one other holiday has so much awesomeness!

Last year Avery had many, MANY costumes.  A few I made and a few were given to us as gifts/hand-me-downs.

Last years costumes: Tarantula (homemade) Pumpkin (Hand-me-down) and 80's Aerobics instructor (homemade)

Last years costumes: Tarantula (homemade) Pumpkin (Hand-me-down) and 80’s Aerobics instructor (homemade)

See? We LOVE Halloween in this house!!

This year we were lucky enough to get an adorable costume from Anytime Costumes!

Anytime Costumes has something for everyone-every age-every style! I spent hours (literally) going through all the options for Avery. I asked my husband, my mom and my dad to help me choose. (Halloween comes but once a year, you need to get the costume right!!) finally we decided on the  Bandstand Baby Toddler Costume!

Bandstand Baby Toddler Costume poodle skirt 50s

I was really pleased with the costume. The quality was good and it was just like what I saw in the picture online (How often do you order something only to have it arrive and it is not even close to what was depicted?)

Bandstand Baby Toddler Costume poodle skirt 50s

The leotard is really nice, and Avery will wear it for her up-coming dance classes. The skirt was even nicer than I had expected!  The belt was cute, but kept sliding up over Miss Avery’s tummy, and we didn’t wear the scarf because the material was a bit “scratchy” and she just wasn’t havin’ it!  Socks and shoes were not included so we made a quick trip to target for those two items.

I was thrilled with how the costume fit, especially since Avery is so tiny, it’s hard to guess what size she is when ordering online.  The Size Medium (12-24m) was a PERFECT fit! My guess is that this particular costume runs a bit small since It was just the right size for Avery now (she’s 18 months and is 6-9 waist and 12m shirts/onesies) but probably wont fit her a month from now.

It looked so cute on her and she got many compliments! I kind of want her to wear it every day for the rest of the month!

I thought this costume would be perfect for our monthly play date at a local assisted living community! We go every month to visit, and the residents love watching the babies play and grow! We all have such a wonderful time, and it fills my heart with joy to see the little ones bringing smiles to others.

This month we decided to go in costume, because A) It’s almost Halloween B) We love their costumes and want them to get worn more than once and C) Who doesn’t love seeing babies in costumes?!

Avery’s buddies we so adorable as a Lion and a Pumpkin!

baby costume lion pumpkin Bandstand Baby Toddler Costume poodle skirt 50s

You can see how much these three love each other!

baby costume lion pumpkin Bandstand Baby Toddler Costume poodle skirt 50s

The babies had a great time playing together and visiting with the residents, and the residents loved their costumes!

I’m so happy with our costume choice, and can’t wait till the next Halloween event so Avery can wear it again!!

**Disclosure–I was given the Bandstand Baby costume in order to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own!**



  1. jenb1202 says:

    Oh my gosh, it is perfect! She could not look any cuter. I think the skirt is my favorite part. Yep, I’m pretty sure she’s got the 50’s down pat! Super cute :)

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