Thankful Thursday

It has been an extremely long, scary, emotional, draining week.  However, it has also been a week filled with blessings, and for those blessings I am so grateful.

This week I am thankful for:

  • My husband, and my daughter. Without them I wouldn’t have nearly as much joy in my life!
  • The nurses (John, Michael, & Maggie) and other staff at Kent Hospital for helping my husband get better! (The doctors were good too, but it was the nurses who really supported Dave and I and made both of us feel that everything would be OK)
  • My parents, who are always willing to drop everything to help when we need them.
  • IV Fluids.
  • Strong Kidneys!  That continue working even when they are heading towards failure!

  • Progresso Soup, Gatorade and Poland Spring water!
  • Our amazing friends, near and far, who called, e-mailed, and sent texts of support  when Dave was sick and in the hospital. You all made a very scary situation a lot more bearable! We appreciate the prayers, good vibes, love and all the offers to help with Avery. We will never forget it!
  • Experiences that make you realize everything you have.
  • Most of all, I am thankful for our health!And this:daddy baby nap

What are you grateful for?  Head over to Baby Gator’s Den Thankful Thursday and link up!


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