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Avery has done quite a few activities in her almost 2.5 years of life. Dance class, tumbling tykes, music classes, art class, swim and gymnastics. I have to say one of our favorites, and the one where I have seen the most personal growth in Avery has been her Squeaky Sneakers and Movin’ and Shakin’ classes at Teamworks in Warwick.

We call it soccer (because it’s easy to say and the play on a soccer field) but it’s really a lot more than that!

teamworks warwick soccer for kids

Before we started soccer Avery was a bit of a wallflower. She never wanted to leave my side. We’d go to birthday parties, or play dates, and she wouldn’t let me out of her sight. And heaven forbid if I tried to leave her in child care at the gym! Holy meltdown, batman. Teamworks, and the amazing coaches helped with that!

In the beginning Avery still needed me to be nearby, but as the weeks went on she would tell me “Mommy, you sit!” and off she’d go to warm-up with her coaches and friends! It was such a huge, and wonderful change!

Let me tell you a little bit about how the class runs (in our experience):

  • When you first arrive the kids have some free time to run around the field and kick & throw soft playground balls. (or if your child is like mine, they can sit in the goal and “dig” in the turf!)
  • The coaches will call for the kids to help pick up all the balls and then it’s time for the warm-up run!  This is my favorite part, because it’s pretty hilarious to watch all the toddlers running in their cute little toddler legs!
  • After the warm-up run they all go to the circle for warm-up stretches (The batman stretch is the fan favorite!)
  • And then it’s time for the activity of the day!

Teamworks Warwick Youth Programs Rhode IslandThe activities change every week and include running, throwing, catching, obstacle courses, parachute games, and more! The activities really help kids  develop fine and gross motor skills, learn to follow directions and playing cooperatively with other kids. The level of parent participation is entirely up to you and your child!  If your child wants you to participate with them that’s 100% fine, it’s also fine if your child is content to be off without you and then you can sit and enjoy some “free time” with the other parents!

I really can’t say enough about our love for Teamworks. The coaches are all so good with the kids, and have come to feel like family to us! They are fun and have so much patience! Avery has become so much more confident and independent since she started, at 18 months and I am so grateful to the Teamworks staff for that!

Teamworks Warwick Rhode Island youth sports

If you’re looking for a fun, AFFORDABLE activity to get your little one moving, and give you a little time to hang out and chat with other parents, I HIGHLY recommend Teamworks Youth Programs!


Movin’ and shakin’ is for ages 1.5-2.5 and is held on Wednesday mornings

Squeaky Sneakers  is for ages 2-3.5 and is held multiples days of the week, including Saturday.

All Sports Classes are for ages 3.5-6yrs and are held multiple days and times during the week.

(Teamworks Warwick also has leagues and clinics for older kids and adults! And they host birthday parties, events, summer and vacation camps and more!)

For more information and to register for Teamworks Warwick Youth programs click HERE


If you register, please let them know that Avery and I sent you! We hope to see some new (and old) friends at Teamworks!

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