5 Reasons to Choose Teamworks Camp This Summer

*Disclosure – We received a summer camp experience in exchange for this review.  All opinions are our own, and we are so happy to share our love of Teamworks Camp with all our readers!*

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Schoooooooooools out for summer!!

And what the heck am I going to do with this child of mine for eleventy thousand weeks of vacation???

Growing up, I looked forward to my summers at camp. From town camp, to Art Camp, to a camp just for girls, to Law Camp…I had fun, learned new skills, and made many memories & friends!  I couldn’t wait for Avery to be old enough to attend camp and have similar experiences.

Over the last two summers, Avery has attended camp at Teamworks in Warwick. Starting with half-day camp when she was 4 years old, and full day camp last year at age 5.  This year, Avery will be spending 5 weeks of her summer at Teamworks and she couldn’t be more excited!


One of the things I love about Teamworks camp is that their schedule is great for working families. So many camps run shorter hours like 9am to 1pm. Some offer “later” pick up at 4pm. This doesn’t work for those who work a regular 9 to 5 schedule.  Teamworks Warwick offers an earlier drop off (between 8 and 9am)  and while camp ends at 4pm, you can opt to extend your camp day to as late as 6pm! SO convenient!!


This is just one of the many reason we choose Teamworks Warwick as our go-to summer program. But there are many other reasons that you should send your kiddo to Teamworks camp this summer!

Keep ‘Em Active
I hear parents talk all the time about how t hey’ll keep their kids busy and active during summer vacation. It can be easy to fall into a cycle of sleeping late (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and spending most of your time lounging around, watching TV or on tablets and gaming systems.  A little of that is fine, but doing that every day makes for a boring summer. At Teamworks camp, your kids will be running, playing, learning, creating, having fun — all day, every day!

Camp Friends are the Best Friends!
When Avery attended her first week of camp, she didn’t know anyone. Now, going into year 3, she has her “camp friends”  that she looks forward to seeing year after year! She also makes new friends each summer (and each session!) which is perfect for our little social butterfly, but also great for kids who may have a bit more trouble making friends.  Camp is free from the pressures and expectations of school, and kids can just relax and have fun together. It often allows them to open up, and make friends easily.

Counselors You’ll Never Forget!
I will never forget my favorite counselors from art camp, Mike and Brianne. They were both incredibly creative, kind, and fun! In fact, I idolized Brianne to the point of trying to copy her signature style (birkenstocks, baggy jeans and a plain white T) for the rest of that summer. Avery has been blessed to have AMAZING counselors at Teamworks. She too has asked for specific style shorts and sneakers “Just like Coach!!” The counselors are Teamworks have truly blown me away with their professionalism, enthusiasm, energy, and love for the campers in their care. I know that Avery is safe and well taken care of when I drop her off each morning, and that peace of mind is invaluable.

New Experiences and Continued Growth!
Soccer, Basketball,skateboarding, flag football, lacrosse, parkour…Teamworks offers specialized camps, beyond their all-sport and traditional camps. Kids have the opportunity to try a new sport, or continue to develop their skills in a sport they already play.  Even in the Traditional camps, kids will learn new skills and games and have new experiences.  Camp also offers kids a chance to become more independent,  build confidence, and learn life-long skills.

I’m a mom of one, and I’ve found that there are many camps that are just out of reach for our family, financially. One week at some of these camps could be equal to a mortgage payment for some families.  Teamworks strives to provide families with a safe and fun summer camp experience at an affordable price.They proudly offer high quality programming at a low cost to the community. They even offer loyalty discounts! So, the more weeks your register for, the more you save!

Teamworks Camp Counselors are SUPER!

Teamworks Camp Counselors are SUPER!

Another benefit of Teamworks camps, and probably my personal favorite, is that they offer lunch! That’s right, you do not need to pack lunches every day! Campers can purchase lunch and snack through Teamworks or bring their own if you prefer. Avery will be buying her lunch daily, so I don’t have to deal with her list of foods she suddenly will not eat.

OH! And I can’t forget about the theme days!!!!   You all know how much I…I mean, Avery loves a theme day! The campers and counselors really get into it and it’s just one more thing that makes Teamworks Camp so special!


Teamworks Warwick has camps running weekly from June 11th – August 31st.  Kids can choose from these different camp options:

  • Multisport
  • Traditional
  • Soccer
  • One on One Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Parkour
  • Baseball
  • Skateboarding
  • Challenger Soccer
  • Travel Camp

Multisport and traditional are offered every week, while the others are offered only on certain weeks.

There are half day camp options for kids who don’t need or may not be ready for the full day.

You can find more information, and register for camp HERE  And please let them know Avery sent you 😉
We hope to see you at Teamworks Camp this summer!!


  1. Justin says:

    This looks like a great camp for the kids. It is a great way to keep kids active and learn something new while having fun. Happy to know that they offer soccer and basketball — which my son would love. Will check them out this weekend.

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