Taking Our Babymoon

Hooray for Babymoons!

On Friday we are leaving for vacation. When we booked this trip nearly a year ago, we said it would be our “Halfaversary”  since we’ll be married 5 months when we go (Its close enough!)  but now, it’s our Babymoon!!

We’re heading to our “Happy Place”  Walt Disney World, and going on a short Disney Cruise (our first ever!) I have my doctors note (just in case they think I’m actually 24 weeks pregnant–you can’t board a Disney cruise if you are 24 weeks or more) my fabulous maternity t-shirts for Food & Wine Festival, Pirate Night and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (If we go) dinner reservations made and we’re ready to go!!

I think taking a Babymoon trip is important for any couple who is expecting.  Being pregnant can be stressful for both Mommy and Daddy, and a get away can help alleiviate that stress. It also gives you time together, just the two of you, before the baby comes and your whole world changes.

I’ve had a few people question our decision to go to Disney (“You can’t go on any rides!”) or on a cruise (“You’re going to be soooo seasick”) I don’t think either is really a valid point. Disney has PLENTY to do that doesn’t put the unborn at risk, and we plan taking it easy, and mainly enjoying the food, because I finally have an appetite!!!  As far as the seasickness goes, Cruise ships are HUGE and you don’t feel the rocking in the Caribbean as much as you would on a crab boat in the Bering sea. Also, never in my life have I experienced any form of motion sickness.  While I fully understand how pregnancy can change you (I’ve suddenly developed allergies, after 28 years without them)  But I truly think I’ll be A-OK.  And if not, well, It’s only 3 nights, and only one day is at sea.  I’ll survive.

I’m really looking forward to this trip, Dave and I can have some alone time, away from the house and stress that comes with work, and home renovations. We get to see some of our friends, and enjoy amazing food (Dave can enjoy amazing beverages as well) And it’s our last trip (for awhile) where it’s just the two of us!


    • Sarah says:

      Thanks :) Can’t wait to see you!!! The newest reason for not going (thanks to a co-worker) “What’s the point in going on a cruise if you can get drunk?” haha

  1. Upstatemamma says:

    That is so awesome! Enjoy your trip. Disney is so fun. I remember going when my step-mom was pregnant and I don’t even remember that we couldn’t go on the rides. You will have a blast.

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