I Have MS

The title of this post is the short story. Below, is the long story. It has been a rough winter. We lost out on another house we were in love with, we’ve had car issues, I found out my foot...
simple water bottle storage ideas

Simple Water Bottle Storage Ideas

You wouldn't know by looking at her 33lb 38 inch frame, but the words I hear from Avery most (all day, every day) are "I'm Hungry!!!" followed by "I'm Thirsty!" If given the chance, she'd sit and snack all day. I try not to give in to all her snacking demands (because honestly, 90% of the time she's just bored) but, I never say no to her requests for water!

I’m Fat

I’m fat. Really. I am. By all standards of fat measurement, I fall into the “Obese” category.  I don’t need any one to tell me I’m fat. I own a mirror, and I go shopping for clothes. I’m aware. And...

Selfless Love

Yesterday, I happened upon this video….despite the fact that it was almost 9 minutes long, something compelled me to watch, and I am so glad I did….Take the 8 minutes and 55 seconds to watch…   Here’s a tissue, wipe...