Stroller Rental Disney World – Baby Wheels Orlando Review

*Disclosure* We were given our rental free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own*


We tried something new on our last Disney World vacation!

No, not Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

For the first time in our family’s Disney World history, we rented a stroller!

On our two previous trips with Avery, we brought our own strollers from home. The first trip we drove down and brought both our larger Chicco and our smaller Maclaren. The trip after that we just brought the Chicco.  This time we did not want to deal with lugging a stroller through airport security, and reached out to Baby Wheels Orlando!

We checked out the available strollers on their website and decided on the City Mini GT, a stroller that I’ve always wanted to try! I watched videos and read reviews, and knew this would be the perfect stroller for a Disney vacation! Lightweight, full recline for sleeping toddlers, easy to fold and carry, and a large  shade to protect from the Florida sun!

I made our reservation, securely, online, and then received an e-mail to schedule the drop off time! I set the time for about an hour and a half after our flight was scheduled to land, which would give us time to get to the resort, and check in.

Shortly after arriving at our resort, we received a call from John, who was on his way over with our stroller. He told us to meet him in the lobby, and a few minutes later, he was there!

The stroller was perfect! I really LOVED the color, too!

stroller rental Disney WorldThe parent console had pockets and cup holders, there was soft cooler, and a rain cover “just in case” (and for the first time in my long history of visiting Walt Disney World, it didn’t rain once!) They also attached a tag with their contact info, and “Princess Avery” so we’d know which stroller was ours in a sea of similar strollers!

Disney Stroller rentalsAvery loved it too! She said it was very comfortable, and perfect for naps!

City Mini GT stroller rental OrlandoLots, and lots of naps.

Dave and I both loved how easy this stroller was to maneuver around the parks, and how simple it was to fold up!!

And like I said…

Baby Wheels Orlando Stroller rental Disney world

Avery loved how well it performed at nap time!


Why should you rent a stroller from Baby Wheels Orlando?

1. For us, it’s so much easier to get through the airport stroller free! We can just check our luggage, and head to through security and to the gate unencumbered. It’s also nice to travel without worrying about whether or not our stroller will survive the flight.

2. It’s convenient!  Baby Wheels will deliver the stroller to your resort! You just tell them when you’d like them to deliver it and they’ll meet you in the lobby! Same goes for pick up!

3. Baby Wheels strollers come equipped with a parent console (CUP HOLDERS!!) and a rain cover (Totally necessary in Central Florida where sudden rain storms are very common) Our City Mini GT also had a soft sided cooler, which was great for food and drinks that we wanted to keep cold!

4. Many strollers to choose from! Baby Wheels offers single strollers, double strollers and even travel systems! With multiple brands/styles of double and single strollers to choose from!

5. You can try out a different brand/style of stroller! We really liked getting the chance to “test drive” the City Mini GT. We got to see how well it would work for our family, and have decided that if we ever need to buy another stroller, this would be the one!

6. If something goes wrong with your stroller, and you’ve purchased the insurance, it’s covered. You wont have to make an emergency trip to a big box store and drop your souvenir fund on a new one! Baby WHeels insurance is only $15 and covers for all mishaps, damage or even theft of the stroller or its accessories!

7. Renting a stroller from Baby Wheels Orlando gives you freedom. You can bring the stroller everywhere you go during your stay! Renting a stroller from the Disney parks is great, but you can only use them in the park you rented it at. You cannot bring them back to the resort, or even to the bus stop or parking lot. This can pose a problem when your kiddo is fast asleep and you’re also exhausted after a long park day. That walk to the bus can feel like 100 miles when carrying a heavy child!

8. Baby Wheels staff will teach your how to use the stroller when they deliver it!  The strollers they rent are all easy to fold, but it’s nice to have a quick demo!

9. Great customer service! If you have an issue just call and they will help solve it!

10.  Additional accessories are available including glider boards, additional consoles and they’ll even deliver a case (or more) of water when they drop off your stroller (at an additional charge)


We were really happy with our Baby Wheels Orlando experience and will absolutely use them again on our next trip to Walt Disney World!!

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Baby Wheels Orlando has a special discount for Sweet Lil You readers!!! $5 off your rental!!  You’ll just need to enter the code BBlog at checkout!

IMG_6008Thank you Pam & John from Baby Wheels, for the great stroller and incredible customer service!!


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