*This is NOT the post I wanted to write today.  It is NOT how I wanted to start off the New Year. Unfortunately, it was a blog I was “forced” to write, because some people are scum bags.*

I get it.  The internet is a big “world” where photos and ideas are shared, and shared again, and shared again……I fully understand that anything you post is out there forever, and anyone can see it.  I’m ok with that.  What I’m NOT ok with is when something I worked hard to design, something that meant a lot to me and I was proud of, is taken, copied, and then SOLD without giving me credit.

Our wedding was almost 100% DIY  From the Invitations to the decor, I made it.

Our Save The Dates have been making the rounds on Pinterest, mainly linking back to a blog I used to write for called Bridal Buds. They were baseball tickets since our wedding was vintage baseball themed.
Here they are:


This morning a friend mentioned that she saw it repinned and so I thought I’d just go take a look.  I was shocked to see this:


Not only did she/he/it steal my design, but they used my original photo and just pasted on top of it!  Ridiculous!

Then I look to see where it links to, and discover it’s and ETSY PAGE!!!  They are SELLING my design and calling it their own?!  WHAT!?  Happy New Year to me!   So,

WHAT?  Who does this?  Apparently, Kevin at Art From A Designer, who “graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and use my creative education to make prints, invites, shirts, logos…anything!”  And his girl Kitty who claims to be a LAW STUDENT!!! It seems that  Intellectual Property Law is a class you slept through, Kitty cat!  After viewing their other designs on LawStudentCrafts at etsy, I’m willing to bet that most, if not all, are stolen from other designers.

They have been selling these since April 2011….that’s a few months BEFORE our wedding (Our Save the dates were mailed out in September of 2010 and I posted on Bridal Buds in October 2010)

I hate watermarks.  I really do.  And I’ve tried for years to avoid putting them on my pictures, but it appears that I can no longer trust the people of the interwebs.

Just for good measure, in case these were stolen by someone too……here are our invitations!


I would greatly appreciate some re-pins of MY design, if you have pinterest.  And make sure that when you pin, you are only pinning original content, from the original creators website, so THEY get the credit for their designs.  I know I’m not the only one who has had work stolen over the years, and hopefully we can make this kind of theft a bit less lucrative for the criminals!



since posting this I have received a response from the etsy seller:

Hi Sarah-

I apologize for the confusion. These were designed per a customer’s request, as they had seen them and did not know the source. We have made changes to the save the date, so that they do not so closely resemble the design.
Thank you for understanding.



Ok. Great.  But that doesn’t explain why you: a) photoshopped over my picture b) claim it is YOUR design c) are SELLING IT!!

Honestly, if someone saw these online and wanted to recreate them for themselves, I am 100% FINE with that. I’d be flattered.  If someone wanted these for themselves, and wasn’t capable , so they took the image to someone who WAS capable, even if they paid them to do it I’d be 100% FINE with that.    But to use my design and SELL IT for a PROFIT claiming YOU designed it is NOT fine. It’s 100% WRONG!




  1. Sarah says:

    Your designs are adorable, and I would totally write you for permission to borrow them if that design worked with our theme (it doesn’t). But those people suck, try to remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery???

  2. Just Married Mom of 3 says:

    Super cute design! At first, before I read further, I was wondering how they got everything the same, right down to the paper you had underneath. But then I read on and realized that they just replaced your images with the ones that they made. I too hate watermarks since they take away from the actual picture, but they are unfortunately necessary for the reason you have found. They could’ve just made them for whoever asked for them and then that was it. Or if they wanted to sell them for a profit they could’ve at least used their own background and not yours and mentioned where the idea came from, even if they didn’t know the original source (which I have a feeling they did and the whole “other person” thing was just placing blame elsewhere) then they could’ve said that it wasn’t their design but they would be willing to add the name of whoever designed them if and when that person was found. Some people are awful. I just might have to go check it out and see what all they have, hopefully nothing from my Etsy shop!

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      I’m willing to bet that if they stole m design, they probably stole others as well!

      And yes, at least give credit where credit is due!

  3. Vicki WS (@CrowndVic) says:

    Wow, that’s tricky stuff right there. I mean you deserve credit where credit is due. I totally watermark all my stuff I *think* is pin-able, but how hard would it have been for them to track it back to you? It should have been in the pin’s link and easy to give credit.

    “Imitation is the strongest form of flattery” but being honest is better.


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