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Dave can be hard to shop for. Whenever  Christmas, Father’s Day or his Birthday is coming up I ask him if there is anything he wants or needs. His answer is usually “Nothing.” or “I don’t know.

Sometimes he WILL give me an answer. Something like; “I really want those TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ irons….” which would leave me asking to borrow $500.00 from him, and then it’s not really a gift.  Other times he’ll tell me “I really need a Festool Router”  And then I would stare at him blankly having zero idea what he’s talking about. After Googling, I’d then discover that I’d need to ask him to borrow a grand. That’s kind of the problem with being a stay at home mom. I don’t really have an income, and can’t afford to buy him awesome gifts.

I do have some paying gigs, though. And I can buy him things that don’t cost more than our mortgage. Things like golf balls, bags of sunflower seeds, socks and t-shirts.

I buy Dave a t-shirt for every holiday. Usually Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots or Celtics. This father’s day I wasn’t all that excited about the shirts I was seeing. He already has so many vintage sports shirts and they all looked the same.  Then I discovered Prep Sportswear. Prep Sportswear is the one stop shop for custom apparel and gear featuring your school, college, Greek, military and more. They offer officially licensed merchandise in many different styles so everyone can create something that they like!  The coolest part?  It is all totally customizable!

You pick the team, school, college or other organization, choose from a wide array of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, etc. and then select the logo along with custom options!

Prep Sportswear hockey vintage

I thought about what Dave would like, and finally decided on a vintage look, Providence Reds hockey shirt!

He absolutely LOVED it! (And I totally didn’t have to beg him to pose for pictures.)

Prep Sportswear hockey vintage providence ri reds

Prep Sportswear hockey vintage


I chose the Men’s Eco Heather T-shirt from Alternative Apparel in red because I liked how it had a soft, vintage look. Dave and I both loved how it looked and how soft it was!

For the logo I went with a simple, classic logo

Prep Sportswear hockey vintage providence ri reds



and on the back, his name and our favorite number.

Prep Sportswear hockey vintage providence ri reds

The logo appears to be a heat transfer, so I will definitely wash it on the gentle cycle, inside out, and tumble dry on a cool setting, just to ensure that it holds up for a very long time (I anticipate Dave wearing this shirt quite a bit–it has already become his new favorite!) Over all I was really happy with the quality of the shirt!!

Not only does Prep Sportswear have t-shirts and sweatshirts, but you can customize hats, backpacks and other accessories as well!

I thought the stickers and skins for iphones, ipads and laptops were pretty neat!

ipad iphone skins vintage hockey



If you’re looking for a customized t-shirt or other accessory I would definitely say to check out Prep Sportswear! The items are unique and make a real special gift for the men (and women & children) in your life!! Prep Sportswear will help you stand out in a crowd!


**Disclosure** I was given a sample shirt in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own (and Dave’s)**

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