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Growing up, we had cats. We never had a dog, and I never understood what it took to care for a dog. It really is a big responsibility. With cats, you have to feed then, and change the little box, and of course show them love and attention, but, they are typically pretty independent. Dogs are different.  When we first adopted Daisy, I didn’t know what we were getting in to. I hadn’t thought about the extra work that a dog required.  I knew we’d have to walk her, but I didn’t know that would be a much more difficult task than I had expected (because of her not-so-great life before she came to live with us, walks can be very difficult and filled with anxiety for all involved)  I also had never thought about what we’d do when we went on vacation or even day trips. It was all a bit of a culture shock for me, but Daisy was such a sweet girl, that she made all the work worth it.

DaisyWhen we had Avery, I saw such a beautiful relationship starting to bloom between the two of them. Avery loves Daisy, and will cry sometimes because she misses her so much. Not just when we go on long trips, but when we go on a trip to Target! She’ll see the dog food aisle and say “I miss Daisy, we need to go home and see her!”

And Daisy loves Avery too. Even though she may sometimes get a bit annoyed by the antics of a 3 year old (Like putting fairy wings or silly hats on her) She loves her, and is always looking out for her as a protector.

Avery and DaisyI wanted Avery to start taking on a little responsibility. She’s too young for a whole bunch of chores, but she LOVES to help us with Daisy, so I thought that would be the perfect “starter chore” for her!

To make it more fun, and so she could see what she was accomplishing every day, I created a simple responsibility chart that she could check off every day.

Pet Feeding chart for kidsI used washi tape, and adorable dog stickers on an inexpensive dry erase board! I measured out the spaces for 7 days of the week, then two rows for food and two rows for water-AM and PM feedings.

Avery feeding chart blurryThe large spaces make it very easy for Avery to check off after she feeds Daisy! And she was so proud after marking that first square!

Avery and her dog feeding chore chart Feeding the pets is a pretty simple chore for toddlers. We let Avery use a bottle of water to fill the water dish, and we store the dog food in a container, then she uses a big scoop to put the food in the dish. I always supervise to make sure she doesn’t over or under feed!

Avery feeding DaisyWhen we first brought Daisy home, I knew I wanted to provide her with the best food money could buy. We shopped the specialty stores, and dropped some big bucks. In fact, at times it felt like we were spending more money on Daisy’s food than we were on our own!  Then, one day, while shopping at Target (of course) we decided to try IAMS.  Daisy loved it, and we loved how convenient it was to buy her food where we bought all our food, and other essentials! We shop at Target so often, we never worry about running low on food, and having to make a special trip to a specialty store! Target also carries Daisy’s favorite treats, toys, and supplies at great prices! It’s the perfect one-stop shop!

Avery feeds DaisyWe also started buying IAMS at Target for our cats, and found that their bellies handled it even better than some of the specialty brands we’d been feeding them!

Daisy loves IamsI just love being a pet owner, don’t you?  We buy all our pet food at Target, is Target your one stop pet shop?Iams at Target

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