Sea Turtle Cookies

 An idea to make tie dye sandwich cookies for Avery’s birthday quickly evolved into an all day project making these adorable Sea Turtle Cookies. They are a bit time consuming, but not complicated. And totally worth it! Sea Turtle Cookies

As you know, Avery attends preschool at an aquarium. Because of this, I’m always trying to think up creative, sea-life inspired holiday treats. Her birthday is no different.  I wanted to do something fun and a bit different. Another friend was also celebrating her birthday, and I suspected she’d bring in cupcakes so we opted for cookies! But what kind? Sea turtle cookies, of course!!

Avery wanted to help, so I set her up with the ingredients (we used a sugar cookie mix–2 packages– to save time) and she got right to work! Avery baking cookies

Once the dough was mixed, I separated it into 4 bowls, and added blue and green food coloring. dyed cookie doughI let the dyed dough firm up in the fridge for about an hour, and then started rolling it into “ropes” (It was still pretty soft, but we were impatient so we just made it work. The ropes don’t need to be perfect!)  rolled doughWe pressed the multicolored ropes together, then rolled them up into one big roll of dough and put that in the freezer while we prepared the turtle heads and fins.taffyFor the head and fins, I used green taffy. I let it sit out for a little bit so it was soft, then I rolled it as flat as I could get it. Using a star cookie cutter, I cut out the heads, and the fins I just cut triangles with knife.  I set them aside, and went back to the cookies. sliced cookiesI sliced the dough, and baked the slices according to the package directions.  Then it was time for the fun (and more time consuming than expected) part.

Sea Turtle Cookie assembly!!

For each sea turtle cookie  you need:

  • two cookie “shells”
  • 1 head
  • 4 fins
  • a pair of candy eyes
  • a dollop of frosting
  • gel icing (to attach the eyes)

turtle cookie assembly

First you spread a think layer of frosting onto your bottom “shell” cookie. Then add the head and fins. Press the top cookie down on the frosting, and using your gel icing, add the eyes! And then you’re done! sea turtle sandwich cookiesIsn’t he cute?!  The cookies were a hit with the SeaSchoolers, and Avery was proud that she helped make them! They were not as simple as I had envisioned them to be, but they were worth the work for sure!  Turtle cookies

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