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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.

Before Avery was born I spent a lot of time researching baby carriers, reading about baby wearing and attachment parenting, shopping and trying on different styles of carriers and stressing about which one was “the best”

I really wanted to make sure I was doing the baby wearing thing correctly! I found overwhelming research that showed how wearing a baby facing inward safer for the baby physically, and developmentally, and it also increases the bond between parent and child! I knew I wanted a carrier that allowed me to wear Avery facing me, for the longest time.


I bought one, and thought we were set…..Until she was born, and I learned that she HATED this wrap style carrier!  I hated it too. It destroyed my back and wearing her in it made me feel like I was 13 months pregnant. So back to the store we went, and I tried a few with Avery. She told me (by not screaming and crying) that she was a fan of soft structured carriers. Since she loved it, and I loved it (no back pain!) so that’s what we bought!

One of the structured carries that we really liked was a Boba carrier. Boba sells baby carriers that keep baby facing inward. As I found in my research, carrying your baby facing inward helps with healthy attachment to her parents and prevents hip dysplasia! Baby feels safe, comfortable, and isn’t overwhelmed. And Mom or dad can easily notice and effectively attend to baby’s needs!


For more information on Safe baby wearing, check out Boba’s article on 9 Reasons Not To Carry Your Baby Facing Out.

I absolutely loved baby wearing!  It was great at the grocery store, nice for family walks in the park and on non-stroller-friendly trails. Great for vacations and weekend getaways and ever great for getting some work done in the house!  Avery was one of those babies who did not want to be put down EVER. She hated her swing, she didn’t want to be in her crib (she had terrible reflux and laying flat was awful for her) She didn’t like her bouncer. She just wanted to be held. All. The. Time. Which was great. Most of the time.

I even took her to NYC with me for a conference when she was just about 4 months old! Wearing her made everything easier!

I wish she would still let me wear her now! Our trips to target would be so much easier. But, she’s so incredibly independent that she won’t be contained in any way!

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What are your thoughts on safe babywearing?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.

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