Rustic Twig Star Wreath #PinterestRemake

Rustic Twig Star WreathI realized last night, that we still had our Spring flower wreath on the front door! I thought “Oh no, this will not do! We need something more festive!” So, I hopped on pinterest to seek out some inspiration.   I had the idea to use twigs (Since the tree came down in our back yard, we have an abundance)  and came across this DIY Rustic Twig Star “Oh I can make this!”I said, and I got right to work. Seriously. It was well after 8pm, Dave was trying to get Avery to fall asleep, and there I was, tip-toeing around the back yard searching for twigs (and acorns)

I finished this project in less than an hour, it was easy, and cost me exactly zero dollars since I had everything on hand!

What you need:

-Twigs (longer ones for larger stars)


-Add-ons (I found acorns, and made a bow)

-Hot glue

Twig Star

Step 1: Sort your sticks into 5 equal bunches (Mine were bunches of three twigs each)

Step 2: Tie the bunches of sticks together to make them easier to work with.

Step 3: Lay out the star to get a feel of which bunches will work best where.

Step 4. Using twine, bind the ends together creating the star shape, and glue the ends in place on the back.

Step 5: Glue on your bow, acorns, leaves, whatever you’d like to make it your own!Rustic WreathI’m quite happy with how it came out, and it adds some Fall flare to our front door (And yes, I fixed it after I saw these pics and realized how terribly crooked it was!! AHHH!!)   I plan to make a larger one for Christmas!! What do you think?

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