Really Adopted. Really.

I was about 6 weeks old when I was adopted.  When people would ask me about it I’d say “Just like puppy, I was weaned and ready to go home with my new owners”  My parents never hid the fact that I was adopted from me.  I thought it was the coolest thing, and loved having something that made me different….special.  I wanted to tell everyone I met that I was adopted.  The woman at the grocery store check out, the dentist, the mail carrier and each time I happily said “I’m adopted” my mom would tell me “Sarah, you don’t need to tell EVERYONE”

It never occurred to me that people might not believe me until 1st grade.  One morning we were talking about the world, and different cultures. A girl in my class was adopted from Korea, and when we spoke about Asia, of course the focus went to her. Our teacher spoke a little about adoption, and I, never being shy, spoke up and said that I, too, was adopted!!  Clearly my teacher though I was just pulling a typical 6 year old “ME TOO!” and called my mom to let her know about what I had said.  “Well, she IS adopted” my mom told her. But why would I lie?  I actually LIKED my family, I liked being a part of them, I wasn’t an angsty teen who didn’t want anyone to think I was related to those weirdos, I was a 6 year old who absolutely adored those weirdos!!

A few years later the validity of my adoption claims came into question again. This time it was a conversation between two of my best friends mother’s, at our school’s spaghetti dinner and I swore it would end in fisticuffs!  “I’ve known her family for YEARS!!  She looks just like her grandmother, I KNOW she’s not adopted”  said Mom #1….. Mom #2 responded with “I’ve known her family for years also! and I KNOW that she IS adopted”  Of course I found it highly entertaining that these two mom’s were so passionate about who birthed me.  In the end it was all cleared up, perhaps one of my family members came in just in time, before the two moms started throwing punches.

Even as an adult, I have had people say “No….Really? No way!I” when Ive told them. have always wondered why anyone would question this.  Especially if they’ve seen me, with my pale Irish skin, strawberry blonde hair and baby blue eyes standing next to my Italian father, and my Mother who gets so tan in the summer that Ive even questioned her true ethnicity!


    • Sarah says:

      Hi! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I have not met them, though I do “know” who my biological mother is, I have not tried very hard to locate and contact her. I’d like to know who they are, and what they look like….but its not a top priority right now, we’ll see what happens!

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