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*Disclosure* I was given a complimentary book to create and review. All opinions are my own*

I’m loving age 2! Avery is learning new things every day and I swear she has started saying at least a million new words in the last month. It’s crazy, it’s exciting, it’s fun and it’s awe inspiring!

Recently we’ve been working hard on her counting skills. She has the numbers down…

“one, two, fwee, foots, *we skip five*, sixes, seven, eights, nine, ten, e-yeven, telve, thirkskies…”

Now we want to help her figure out the actual counting part. Currently, when she counts our fingers, she tells us we have 7, or sometimes eleven. And I can assure you, that isn’t correct!

Avery is learning to count with Twigtale Personalized books! #books #learning #education #reading

I was recently introduced to Twigtale books. Twigtale lets you create personalized books that help your child learn things like counting (“I Can Count”) and about the animals they see at the zoo (“Trip to the Zoo”) They also have books that help kids with big new life experiences and transitions. Welcoming a new baby into the home (“I Have a New Sibling”) the loss of a pet (“Bye, Bye Pet”), a family change like divorce (“My Family Is Changing”) and even potty training and saying adios to a pacifier (“I Use The Potty” & “Bye, Bye Pacifier”)

The books are written by child development experts and helps parents tap into expert language to communicate better with their children in a developmentally appropriate way!

No matter what is happening in your child’s life, Twigtale has a book to help them understand, and help you to guide them through it!

Using personal pictures creates a highly engaging book and helps children to understand and accept the information.

Twigtale gives the child a plan, and sets them up to succeed!     Avery loves her personalized book frok Twigtale! #reading #books #children #kids

Avery loves her book! She get’s excited to see the photos of her toys and other items that she can count! It’s been exciting to watch her read it (every day, multiple times a day) and shout out “LOOK MOMMY!!! ONE SHARK!! FWEE FAIRIES!!! FIVE BALLS!! LOOK MOMMY!! IT’S ME!! IT’S ME IN DIS BOOK!!”

I’m already looking at the next books we’ll create! As soon as we pick a new bed for Avery we’ll be ordering “My New Bed”


Twigtale books are great for kids! #learning #reading

For more info on Twigtale check out the following links!

Now for the best part! I’m giving away a book of your choice from Twigtale! (You’ll only pay shipping)

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  1. Jen says:

    I hadn’t heard of these before but they look awesome! I’d definitely like them for my kids (and to give as unique gifts too!)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I had never heard of these books before, what a great concept! This is something we definitely need to get. I can’t wait to start creating one!

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