Raising a Disney Baby: Bringing A Baby To Walt Disney World

This will be a multi-part series about bringing your lil one to The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida.

In December, Dave and I will be heading down to Walt Disney World in Orlando.  This will be trip #18 for me, trip #3 for Dave and trip #1 fr Avery, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We’ve been planning this trip since before Avery was born. (Who am I kidding, I’ve been planning this trip in my head for years!) Dave was a bit skeptical at first, but, the first time he went to Disney, and saw all those cuties in princess and pirate gear he couldn’t wait to bring our “future” little one to the Most Magical Place On Earth!

Of course when we tell people that we’ll be bringing our infant to Disney, we are met with dropped jaws, eye rolls, and head shakes.  We hear “Are you crazy? She wont even remember it!  It’s so expensive!”  Our response is “Yes, we’re crazy, but not because of this. She may not remember it, but we will and you know, babies are FREE!”   (its true, under the age of three=free)

We know that this trip will be different from our past trips. We know we can’t go all Park Commando,  we won’t be Extra Magic Hours warriors.  We’ll have to take a few more breaks. But we’re OK with that.  We can’t wait for this new experience.

Disney is one of those places where kids are welcome (who knew?!) In fact, they LOVE kids in Disney (shocking!) And, they make it pretty easy t vacation with your child, even the really little ones.   They have Baby Care Centers in the parks.  The Baby Care Centers are air-conditioned places where you can breastfeed in private, change a dirty diaper, warm up some baby food, or just take a breather, free of charge.  They even have those essential baby items (diapers, baby food, wipes, etc.) available for purchase (at theme park prices of course).

Baby Care Center Locations:

Magic Kingdom Theme Park
Next to The Crystal Palace on Main Street, U.S.A.

Epcot Theme Park
Inside the Future World Odyssey Center.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park
In the Guest Services Building inside the Main Entrance.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Behind the Creature Comforts store in the Discovery Island area.

(Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and Downtown Disney do NOT have Baby Care Centers)

Of course, if you can’t get to a Baby Care Center quickly enough (You know, if there has been some type of diaper explosion, or you are only minutes away from your FastPass return time for Space Mountain) You can change your wee one in any of the restrooms.  All are quipped with changing stations.

Disney also offers stroller rentals, if you choose not to bring your own. (A lot of people think their child will be ok to walk, only to find that they are carrying their 6-year-old through the park at the end of a long day)  All the details about Disney’s rentals can be found here: Stroller Rental

Disney makes it easy (easier, anyway) and fun to enjoy your vacation with even the tiniest of family members!

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  1. Kim says:

    Great post and I totally agree. A child is NEVER too young for a trip to WDW! Obviously they won’t remember but YOU WILL. You’re creating family memories that will last a lifetime. And when she gets older, she will LOVE seeing pictures of herself at WDW as a baby. Trust me…you won’t regret taking her. :-). HAPPY PLANNING!!!

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