A Rainy Day Visit to Edaville USA’s Jr. Conductor’s Camp

*I am an Edaville blogger. I have received tickets in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are my own!*

Edaville USA Trains

Rain rain go away…

That’s what we were saying on our way to Edaville USA this afternoon!! It was raining off and on, light and heavy all day but we decided to take a risk and head out to Carver, MA anyway!!  We really wanted to check out what Jr. Conductor’s Camp had in store!!

When we arrived, the rain let up a little and we headed in, raincoats on and umbrella in hand!

Of course Avery’s first mission was to “Go see all the dinosaur friends in the forest!” So off to Dinoland we went! On the trail we were met with some serious fog!!  There is always some foggy mist, but today, the rain and humidity made it, well…AWESOME!  Avery was fearless and marched right through!

Rainy Foggy day at Edaville USA Dinoland

And then it started raining again, so we took cover in Whistle Stop Snacks for a delicious oatmeal raisin cookie! (Only a dollar!!)

After our snack, it was time to board the train.  Avery had a chance to meet the conductor, and he even gave her a prize and a Jr. Conductor certificate! She was SO excited, and proud!

Edaville Jr Conductor's Camp 2014

We had a lot of fun, despite the weather! There were lot’s of fun activities for kids to learn all about what it takes to be a train conductor!  I can’t wait to go back again–maybe next weekend, for Western Weekend!

You can find out more by following Edaville USA on FACEBOOK & TWITTER and online at  www.edaville.com


About Edaville USA:
Edaville USA is a train-themed family amusement park located in South Carver, Mass. The park features  train rides through picturesque cranberry bogs, vintage amusement rides, indoor and outdoor play spaces and new rides! Edaville USA hosts different events throughout the fall and winter, including Pumpkins Aglow and an annual Christmas Festival of lights.

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