Rainbow Grilled Cheese – Easy & Fun!

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Rainbow Grilled Cheese is a fun and easy twist on the traditional sandwich! It’s great for a special occasion or any ordinary day! I can pretty much guarantee that your kids are going to LOVE this!! Rainbow Grilled Cheese - Easy and Fun

Yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Day. I didn’t know that was a *thing* but I’m glad it is. I think grilled cheese deserves it’s own holiday! Grilled Cheese is Avery’s favorite food, but to celebrate, I wanted to try something I saw on instagram a few weeks ago — Rainbow Grilled Cheese!! make rainbow grilled cheese

You’ll need:

  • bread
  • shredded cheese (I used a mix of cheddar and mozzarella)
  • food coloring

dye cheeseThis is a super simple recipes. First you add a handful of shredded cheese to a small bowl. Next, add a few drops of food coloring to the cheese and mix it up! Do this until you have all your colors.

Then,  add the cheese to your bread (which should be buttered and in the pan!) in a rainbow pattern, and fry it up as you would with an ordinary grilled cheese! shredded cheese rainbow

Cut the sandwich down the middle and watch the magic happen!!!    Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Avery is a pretty big fan of Rainbow Grilled Cheese! (She is not, however, a fan of sourdough bread–next time I’ll use Italian)  I’m glad it’s easy because I see myself making this often. RainbowGCCan’t you picture these at a unicorn themed party?! gooey grilled cheeseIt’s so pretty!! And I was informed that not only was I “magical” but I am also the “Best mom EVER!”  So, you know, it was a good day!  grilled cheese for kidsSo what do you think?  Will you be making Rainbow Grilled Cheese for your kiddos (or yourself!) this week?  I know many kids will be on Spring Break–it’s a great time to break out this recipe and be the BEST MOM EVER!!


  1. Abby Parker says:

    A very artistic and creative recipe! This sandwich is a fantastic side dish or an extra pretty party food that kids will love. I think this rainbow grilled cheese is healthier over sugar candies and cupcakes served in a unicorn-themed party. We can also think of a low-fat cheese like feta, parmesan, reduced-fat cheddar or a light goat cheese that allows you to cut back on calories while keeping everything colorful and tasty.

  2. Steven Reed says:

    I agree with you. If I were venturing out in the cold for example, I’m not wearing cotton. This shirt would be more of a work horse – chopping wood, an afternoon bird hunting, or a day at work. go footwears

  3. Maya Boot says:

    I looove this idea! I want to have rainbows on my plate :) It’s not just for kids. It’s so easy and works out great! Thank you for brightening my day.

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