Pumpkins Aglow!

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween season?  Pumpkins Aglow is back at Edaville, USA.

The event runs October 3rd through the 26th on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays,. Come see the garden of endless jack­o­lanterns. Dress in your Halloween costume and join the costume parades. You
can trick or treat at your favorite ride, and go for a ride on the Haunted Train.

We headed to Edaville for this Halloween event, and here are a few photos from our visit!

Dinoland Pumpkins Aglow Edaville USA
Pumpkins Aglow at Edaville US

Pirates Muppets Disney Pumpkins Aglow

Halloween Desserts at Edaville Pumpkins Aglow

Frozen pumpkins at pumpkins aglow

edaville pumpkins aglow

We had fun, and loved seeing the pumpkins and the park, all lit up at night!

You can find out more  by following Edaville USA on FACEBOOK & TWITTER and online at  www.edaville.com


About Edaville USA:
Edaville USA is a train-themed family amusement park located in South Carver, Mass. The park features  train rides through picturesque cranberry bogs, vintage amusement rides, indoor and outdoor play spaces and new rides! Edaville USA hosts different events throughout the fall and winter, including Pumpkins Aglow and an annual Christmas Festival of lights.

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