Pulled Pork Skillet Nachos

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pulled-pork-skillet-nachosSunday is family day around here! Monday through Friday we are busy with work, school, and activities. Saturdays are typically sports in the morning and often birthday parties or other events in the afternoon. But Sundays? Those are sacred. On Sundays we hang out together.

Sometimes we’ll go on adventure or check out a new restaurant. We might visit a museum or go bowling or to a movie. Often we just hang out at home!  Sundays are also when we get work done around the house. Especially in spring and fall when the yard is a disaster.

Sunday is also race day!

I was never a fan of racing, but it’s something that Dave absolutely loves! And, because I am such a wonderful wife (haha!) I’ve learned to accept the fact that during race season, many hours of my Sundays will be spent watching cars drive around in circles (I know there is more to it that that, and they don’t drive in circles, they drive in ovals or tri-ovals, or other round-ish shapes!) This season is coming to a close and Dave is looking forward to watching the Ford Ecoboost 400 in Miami on November 20th.

However, if he wants a day to kick back, relax, and watch the race, he needs to get our yard cleaned up first!


Dave definitely works hard all week, and on weekends around the house. And with that comes the general aches and pains. Raking leaves all day, after a week of building and installing cabinets all week can definitely take it’s toll on the body. And when you want to relax and enjoy the day, the last thing you want is to be in pain! Fortunately, Dave found fast acting Advil® Film-Coated at Walmart! The Rapid Release Formula goes to work in minutes on tough pain* So he can enjoy the race, pain free!


Also, don’t feel bad for poor, overworked Dave! I reward all that hard work by making him some of his favorite foods. One of those being nachos!! Nachos are the perfect race day food.  This week I wanted to do something a little bit different. We had some leftover bbq pulled pork, and I thought it would be perfect for nachos with a bit of a twist!

Pulled Pork Skillet Nachos are easy to make and delicious! You can make them at home in the oven, or at the race track over your fire pit!


Tortilla Chips
Cheese (I use a three cheese blend)
Red Onions
Jalapeno peppers, sliced
Pulled Pork (You can use leftovers from your fridge, or buy pre-made at the store!)

(I put mine in a skillet, but you could back them on a baking sheet if you prefer!) nacho-stepsOnce you have your ingredients prepped, you layer them in the skillet! I do a layer of chips, then cheese, followed by the pork, another layer of cheese, then the onions and peppers, and, you guessed it, MORE CHEESE!!! nachos-with-jalapenos

Pop the skillet in the oven (or over your camp fire if you’re making these at the track!) and bake until the cheese is gooey and bubbly! (I baked mine at 350, for about 10 minutes. Time will vary based on your ingredient amounts, and number of layers) skillet-nachosTop with sour cream, and enjoy!!! nachosDave absolutely LOVED these nachos and consumed the whole skillet in less time than it takes for the pit crew to change a tire! (Well, maybe not THAT fast, but he definitely scarfed these babies down!)  He’s looking forward to enjoying the race, pain free, and full of yummy nachos on the 20th!!

So, you know how we spend our Sundays, tell me about how you spend yours?  Is Sunday about friends? Food? Family?  Does your family enjoy watching the race? What is your favorite Race Day Recipe?



*Among OTC pain relievers.


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