Baby Weights!

Cue LMFAO……”I work out!”

It has been a year (and a few months) since the last time I worked out.  Before our wedding I joined Rondeau’s Kickboxing gym to get myself in shape.  Not to fit in my wedding dress, but to fit in a bikini (for the first time) for our honeymoon.  I loved the workout and it WORKED.  Then I went and got myself pregnant, and ruined all that hard work. Since Avery’s arrival, I have been wanting to get back to the gym, but it is so hard to find the time.  I’m home with her all day, and then most evening Dave works on side jobs, so I can’t get out of the house to work out.

Then I got an e-mail in my in-box about a Mother & Baby fitness class at my old gym!  PERFECTION!  I can bring my baby to the gym and we can work-out together!  Of course, Avery isn’t lifting weights…..she IS the weight!  And the instructor incorporates our babes into other parts of the work out as well!  If the babies are sleeping we let them sleep, of course.  But, if the babies are awake and (literally) screaming for attention, they join us in the work-out!

Here are a few ways to incorporate your baby into your work-out!  It’s fun, and easy!  (Please ignore my poor form in a few of these—I was taking the pictures myself lol)



Push-Ups (with kisses!) These are my favorite!

Lunges (and a dog butt….)

Baby weight!

Avery and I had a great time in the class!

Showing off her muscles!!



  1. Sarah {Soxys Diamond} says:

    This is so cute. I love that you added pictures, it really helps bring the whole post to life. it also makes exercise look kind of fun and, trust me, I never say that!!

  2. Renee Beauregard Lute says:

    I had my 6wk appointment at the OB on Friday, and Sarah, they weighed me. While I had hoped that I’d miraculously lost all of my baby weight in six weeks (by eating a ton of ice cream and not exercising at all), that did not happen. They weighed me, and I kind of wanted to cry. So I went back and checked out this blog post, and will utilize some of these sweet moves with Maddie, in hopes that my next weigh-in will not have me crying over another pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Thanks for this post! (And the pictures are seriously adorable. Avery looks like she’s having a blast!)

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