Project 10: Week 1

Well, the first week of Project 10 has come to a close.

How did I do?

Eh.  I did alright.

I definitely wasn’t perfect.

I ate McDonald’s one night.  Wendy’s another.  But these things happen when you’re the mom of a 2 month old and you’re out at Target til 9pm and don’t want to go home and cook (yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be eating that late)  I did buy much healthier foods.  Lots of salad fixins (and I didn’t use a gallon of salad dressing either!) I also forced myself to eat breakfast and lunch every day so that I wasn’t STARRRRVING at supper time.  I bought SmartOnes desserts so that I could get my sweets fix every day without eating a giant cupcake or a towering ice cream cone.

I walked. Not every day, but I whenever I could. Dave bought me new sneakers.  They are my motivator, because I will only wear them walking/running, and I REALLY like them so I want to wear them often.  My first day out in them I tried to jog some of my 3 miles and I ended up cutting 10 minutes off my previous time! (I might not finish dead last in my next 5k!!)

The Great Motivator

I sort of hate running.  My body just isn’t made for it. It hurts my knees and I can’t breathe (diaphragm issues) So I don’t over do it.  I give myself small goals like “Run to that tree up there” and then I talk to myself “Come on Sarah! You got this” If I make it to “that tree” I try to push myself beyond “that tree”   It’s fun and I feel good about myself as I reach or pass each marker.

This week I’m going to push myself a bit harder. The fridge is stocked with fruits and veggies, and my new kicks are waiting to hit the pavement!


  1. Kameron says:

    I thought I hated running, but it turns out I hated running short distances. It is often that your body doesn’t even warm up to the idea of runing until mile 2 or 3. Believe it or not, I actaully now prefer distances around 6 miles! I never thougth I’d say that! EVER! :)

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