Our Pirate Adventure in Hyannis, Cape Cod!

This week Avery and I (along with my parents and my aunt & uncle) climbed about the Sea Gypsy for a Pirate Adventure on the high seas! OK, so maybe the seas weren’t that high, and we weren’t all that far from shore, but let’s just use our imaginations here!

We arrived at the dock and were greeted by one of the fabulous staff members. She gave Avery a name tag—Atlantic Avery–and sent us over to get into character! We got Avery suited up in her pirate vest and then she had her blue fish tattoo done!  Pirate Adventure Hyannis facepaint and tattoos

A few minutes later, our ship, The Sea Gypsy, sailed into port! What a beauty she was!

Pirate Adventure Hyannis Boat

We boarded, and found our seats. Avery and I were up front, while the rest of the family was safely in the back, shaded from the sun and rogue waves! littlest pirate Hyannis Pirate Adventure

Avery was the youngest pirate on board who actually participated. I was pretty impressed with her because all the other 2ish year olds were with their parents.

Our captain was great , though Avery was bit disappointed that it wasn’t Captain Hook (She also kept asking me if she’d see Mister Smee and Tick-Tock Croc!)

The Captain! Pirate Adventure Hyannis Cape Cod

The crew members were great with the kids! In the beginning Avery has to be right up front, you know how she loves to be the center of attention!front and center! Pirate Adventures Hyannis

The kids helped assemble a large map that would lead us to the treasure.The treasure map at Pirate Adventure

Avery was so very, very helpful…X marks the spot! Pirate Adventures

She even helped pick up the map and put it away! A helpful pirate! Pirate Adventure Hyannis

But this was where her love of all things piratey ended. At this point she decided that she needed to sit on my lap for the rest of the trip!

Avery: “Mommy, carry me!”
Me: “Carry you where?”
Avery: “Off of this boat!”

The rest of the adventure was a lot of fun for the kids that participated! I don’t want to give anything away, but there were water cannons involved!!

When we finally found the treasure, and opened up the chest, it was filled with goodies for all the kids!  Avery was excited and jumped right back in.

TREASURE! Sea Gypsy Pirates Adventures Cape cod hyannis

^^^ These are the last two photos I took on our adventure^^^

As she was counting her dubloons and inspecting her treasure a rogue wave  washed over us. We were SOAKED. I think there was about an inch of my shirt that wasn’t wet, and poor Avery had salt water in her eyes. I carried the hysterical toddler to the back of the boat where we wrapped her in my Aunt’s sweatshirt. She cried all the way back to port

A friend asked Avery if she had fun on her Pirate Adventure and her response was “OH YES!! It was fun!! And I cried!!”  So…there’s that.

Truly, Pirate Adventure Hyannis is a lot of fun for kids!  I would definitely do it again when Avery is a little bit older.  Despite the tears, we really had a great time!

If you’re visiting Cape Cod you should definitely check it out!
For more info and to reserve your cruise visit capecodpirateadventures.com

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