Perfect Gifts from Little Bits *Review*

I received product from Little Bits by Monica Rodgers in exchange for my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.


I don’t know about you, but there sure have been a lot of new babies born in my world recently! So many friends have welcomed precious little bundles of joy into their lives! It’s all so wonderful!

With new babies, come new baby gifts!  I know many people are unsure of what to get, I often am! I know what new moms need, I know what helped me during those first days and weeks. Practical gifts are always important. I know that every new mom needs diapers and wipes, and nasal aspirators, but I also know that sometimes, you want to give a gift that is both practical AND pretty!

That’s where Little Bits comes in! Little Bits products are designed by mom, Monica Rodgers, and have been featured on The Today Show, In Style Magazine, The New York Times. They have been a favorite of celeb moms like Gwen Stefanie, Liv Tyler, and Kate Hudson!

The car seat covers are to die for!

Preppy Zoo hood from Lil Bits

Preppy Zoo hood from Little Bits

Lola from Little Bits

Lola from Little Bits

Hot Pink with Whale Trim from Little Bits

Hot Pink with Whale Trim from Little Bits

There is a color and style to fit every little personality! They look incredible and they protect your car seat from icky spills, and other unmentionable messes that we have all experienced! They are easy to put on and take off, washable & durable and fit most major brands of car seats (double check yours before ordering!)  Oh!  AND you can even get them monogrammed! How cute is that?!

Little Bits carries more than just car seat covers!! They have the sweetest blankets and burp cloths I ever did see!

I was given this adorable and incredibly soft set of burp cloths, and I know a very special little princess who will be receiving those soon!

Adorable little girls burp cloths from Little Bits

Adorable little girls burp cloths from Little Bits

Little Bits products make the perfect shower, birthday or Holiday gift! I know exactly what we’ll be getting whenever we have our next child!

Visit Little Bits online here: WEBSITE, and on FACEBOOK


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