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Avery is closing in on the 5 month mark. I’ve been trying to hold off on starting her on solids, but the recent (negative) changes in her sleep habits have led me to believe that she may need a bit *more* in her diet. So, tonight we gave her some People Food. Which is what I call anything that isn’t Formula. Formula is not fit for People. It’s gross. Seriously, taste it once and you’ll never go back for more. I don’t know why Avery sucks it down like it’s the nectar of the gods…because…blech. (It’s a bit like an unflavored protein powder, and yes, I’ve tasted it. I taste EVERYTHING that I give her. This includes gas drops, teething gel, probiotics, Vitamin D drops and even breast milk. Yup.) We don’t have any choice with the formula, though, so she’s stuck drinking it. Not that she’s complaining.


A few weeks ago we tried some Ella’s Kitchen “Apples, Apples, Apples” (I plan on making a lot of my own baby food, but to start we bought a couple pouches to kind of test the waters before we jumped in) This was the result….

Followed by some crying, some gagging, some shoving the spoon away…

So, we didn’t want to push it, and decided to just wait a couple weeks and try again.

Today I bought a couple different pouches. Some Mangoes from Ella’s Kitchen, and some Pears from Happy Baby. I will say, Ella’s is my favorite. The ingredients list is pretty short. And by short, I mean, ONE ingredient. The Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes, contains….Mangoes. Nothing else. And I think that’s awesome! But, I really wanted to get Avery some pears because she’s been a bit (and here comes a TMI moment) backed up, and I was told that pears tend to help with that. So….we went with pears tonight.

And she was in People Food heaven!!

Here comes the airplane…..

I can do it myself mom!

So….Hooray for Bartletts!  There was no pushing of the spoon, just reaching, grabbing and pulling for more.  The only tears came when we put the cap back on the pouch.  I think she’d have eaten the whole thing if we’d let her.  I have to admit, it is pretty fun to feed your baby People Food for the first time, and to watch her enjoy the new flavors and textures!  In a couple weeks we’ll see what she thinks of Mangoes, or maybe we’ll try sweet potatoes, or carrots, or bananas, or apples again….the possibilities are endless!

And now I’m off to create Avery’s Food Chart….she needs to have one just like her buddy Adelaide!


  1. martinkadelux says:

    I LOVE watching babies eat for the first time. It is my new favorite! I’m so glad she likes pears. GO PEOPLE FOOD!!! And… I try everything the baby and the dog eat. That includes, breast milk and dog biscuits. Oddly enough, the manager at Petco says I’m not strange! I have LOTS of stamps and stencils for your posters.

  2. theangelforever says:

    I don’t think my boys like apples much either. Pears, they were great at solving what was causing problems in their digestive systems 😉 We always tried things that the boys had and I agree the smell and taste of some items left a lot to be desired. My oldest was on formula for a while after he was one and could not drink milk. I never understood why it had to be that way, but the kids seems to adore it.

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