Paper Napkin Easter Eggs

Paper Napkin Easter Eggs via

This is a fun way to decorate your Easter Eggs! You can even use those left over napkins from last Easter or from other parties and holidays throughout the year!

First you need to blow out your eggs.  This is pretty easy but can take a it of time if you’re working with a lot of eggs.  I wash the eggs first, just to be safe.  Using a pin, poke holes in both ens of the egg. The bottom hole needs to be a bit larger.

Hold the egg, large end down, over a bowl and blow into the top hole until all the egg contents are out.   Rinse the egg off, and let it dry.

Supplies for Tissue and Napkin Eggs

Once you’re done prepping the eggs, you can prep your napkins! Cut out the patters or designs you like. I used eggs and flowers for mine.  You don’t have to be too precise as it will all blend together. I also used some tissue paper that we had hanging around.

Napkin eggs step by step

1. Coat a section of the egg with Mod Podge.

2. Apply cutout.

3. Smooth the cutout down with more of the Mod Podge.

4. Let dry and repeat steps 1-3 with the rest of your cutouts.

Avery was my helper on this project, and she isn’t the most patient when it comes to waiting for glue to dry, so our eggs are a bit less smooth than intended, but I love them just the same!

Tissue and Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggs

How does your family decorate eggs?  Do you have a fun tradition or a special technique?

Paper Napkin Easter eggs

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