Our Sunflower Adventure



Having spent the weekend rushing around Albany and the last two days sitting home (Dave was under the weather) We decided to venture out  to Connecticut to visit the Buttonwood Farm in Griswold.  The Highlight of the farm (besides their Ice cream shop!) is a 14 acre field of sunflowers…..hundreds of thousands of blooms!  Every year they host a week long event called “Sunflowers for Wishes” in which they sell cut sunflowers for $5, and all the money goes to the Make a Wish Foundation.  I’ve heard about this over the last couple years, but we’ve never been able to make it out to see the farm.  We missed the actual event this season (it ended on Sunday) but that didn’t stop us from going to check out the sunflowers (before they let the cows in to graze on them, tomorrow!)

We had a lovely time, I enjoyed some ice cream, and Avery enjoyed picking up pebbles, riding cows and pointing out bees. Of course, the sunflowers were incredible!

Here are the pictures from our adventure!




See all those bees?


Avery saw the bees too, and made sure to show us!



I love how they turn to face the sun!





Avery loved that we gave her the freedom to run up and down the path.avery2



The cow train?!?!  SO CUTE!!!



The ice cream was by far the most expensive I’ve ever had, but my coffee cone was pretty dang delicious!  I wish Dave had felt better so he could have enjoyed it too! icecream

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