OMstacks Review & Giveaway

OMstacks review & giveaway


When I started school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, I got a tattoo.  It is the symbol OM. I chose this, and had it inked on my wrist, to symbolize the time in my life and to remind me to stay centered and grounded.

When I heard about OMstacks I knew I wanted to share these beautiful pieces with my readers.

The OMstacks Collection was designed and developed by a cousin duo team, in Providence RI. They were inspired by the stone cairns seen on the beaches of Block Island, RI.

Not only are they beautiful, OMstacks are sustainably handcrafted in the USA and all their packaging is either recycled or organic! I LOVE that!! It’s a product you can truly feel good about buying!

Omstacks GEOstacks necklaces and bracelets

We all need BALANCE OMstacks remind us of the basic vibration that exists in both stones and ourselves and how with time and energy, rough spots get smoothed out, the path will become clear, and everything will eventually reach a balance. ©OMstacks

There are two styles:

PRANAstacks are made from fine metal casts in the shape of stones, and are available in silver or gold.

GEOstacks are made from beach stones which are hand picked, drilled, and finished with fine metals.

Both are available in necklaces and bracelets.

Omstacks PRANAstacks necklaces and bracelets Gold and Silver

The stone is a REMINDER A reminder to be patient, maintain core strength, smooth out the edges, accept change, ride the currents of life, and keep rolling. We and the rocks came from the same star dust, emerged from the sea, ventured the land, and we will all return to the same source. Cairns or stacked stones symbolize direction, safety, and hope for life’s journey, and have been used as sacred trail guides for centuries to help travelers safely find their way. ©OMstacks

If you pre-order your OMstacks before June 16th, 50% of your order will be donated to Earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. 50%!!!  That’s incredible!

OMstacks PRANA Necklace Giveaway

OMstacks are forged in the Ocean’s energy, captured and polished by the sand and the wind, discovered by dreamers, hand drilled with diamond dust, finished with fine metals and packaged with love.

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Don’t you just LOVE OMstacks? You can win your own! Just enter below, to win the gorgeous five-stone, silver PRANAstack necklace pictured above.


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