Olympics Here I Come!

Last week I got to relive a bit of my childhood when a friend invited me (and a few fellow Rhody Bloggers) to try out an adult class at RISE Gymnastics.

My last gymnastics experience was a good 20 years ago, when I attended Emma Willard’s GirlSummer.  And before that, I went to Yuri’s School of making chubby 6 year olds cry because they can’t do a cartwheel and just want to jump in the foam pit Gymnastics for like a day.

RISE Gymnastics is located in Coventy, RI and is owned by two-time Olympic gymnast, Coach Hanna.   I was told that, unfortunately, the foam pit was under construction, but on the plus side, nobody would make me cry.

I wasn’t so sure, but I met up with Stephanie from Stephanie’s Mommy Brain , Jen from Savoring The Thyme & Elizabeth from Learning to Juggle to give it a whirl!

So let’s see if  any tears were shed, shall we?

First we stretched and warmed up……

Yeah, those pasty white legs belong to this girl.

We tested out our balance on the beam….

It’s amazing how much giving birth impacts your balance! I used to pride myself on mine!  Avery destroyed it!

We did some work on the mat…..

Well, I didn’t, I just watched.  I STILL can’t do a cartwheel….

And the BEST part?  We got to leap and flip and have an amazingly fun time on the Tumble Track!!!

I could have spent all day on here!

There was also some vaulting and a bit of hanging from the uneven bars, however there is no photo documentation of those events (thank goodness!)

So, in short, I had a BLAST, nobody yelled at me, and not a single tear was shed!

If you’re interested in checking out a class, they are offered weekly at a rate of $10 a class.  You can also purchase a base package for $35 a month which includes the Tuesday Night Class.  They also have a Premier Package, which includes the Tuesday night class as well as 2 hours of open gym every Saturday afternoon (they’ll even watch the kids for you!) access to MoveForge.com and a Functional Movement assessment every 6 weeks for $60 a month.

For more info on the adult class as well as RISE Gymnastics recreational kid’s gymnastics classes, visit their website at www.risportselite.com and check them out on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RISEGym You can also call 401-737-9100 or email at info@risportselite.com

(All photos courtesy of the amazing Jen, from Savoring The Thyme, as I was too busy jumping on the tumble track to be bothered with picture taking)

*Disclosure-We were invited to take this class for free

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