NogginStik Saved Our Road Trip


As you all know, I am always looking for new and interesting toys for Avery.Well, I found one, and it’s awesome! It’s called the NogginStik from  SmartNoggin Toys.

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NogginStik is a developmental, light-up rattle, but I call it a godsend!  This toy saved our sanity on our long drive to Disney World last month.  Avery is a VERY good traveler, but everyone goes a little crazy when they are in the car for 24 hours, and they need some form of entertainment.  Dave had the radio,  I had facebook on my phone and, Avery had the NogginStik!


From the moment I opened the shipping package, Avery wanted to play with it.


See? I couldn’t even take a picture without her little hands trying to grab the NogginStik!


“Can we open it now, mommy?”

nogginstik light

The NogginStik was developed by Marcia Haut, who has been working as an early intervention therapist for babies birth to three and children with special needs for 25 years.  Marcia saw that parents were not sure what they should be doing to encourage their baby’s early milestones.  Marcia could not find a toy “learning tool” to help parents begin their baby’s learning journey, so SmartNoggin, Inc., was born.

NogginStik isn’t just a cute toy. It’s an educational tool that will guide you through activities and interactions that will promote healthy brain development and bonding, and bring enjoyment to both you and your child.

The NogginStik is really neat!  It lights up red, blue and green to stimulate baby’s eyes and encourage visual tracking.  It makes a rattle sound and is easy for little hands to grasp. It also has a mirror, which Avery absolutely loves.

nogginstik baby

Avery loved the mirror as well as the different colored lights.  We used the mirror to calm her down when she was upset (she loves to look at herself) and the lights made it easy to find if she dropped it in the backseat!  The NogginStik is very easy for her to grab and hold on to, and she used it as a teether as well.


NogginStik Features:
-Encourage parent/infant interaction
-Capture a child’s focus and increase attention
-Assist with the development of visual tracking; a critical pre-literacy skill
-Provide tactile interest to touch and visual interest to see
-Help Children auditorily locate sound
-Enhance grasping and holding skills

The NogginStik will help develop: visual tracking, auditory, grasping, reaching, wrist rotation, transferring objects, social interactions, cause and effect and color awareness.

picture 7

NogginStik is available from and retails for $19.99
Recommended for ages 0-3

NogginStick was awarded the 2012 Gold Award by the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) and Creative Child Magazine’s Toy Of The Year Award

Avery really loves her NogginStik, and Mommy and Daddy love that it keeps her entertained during looooooooooooong car trips!  Oh, and it doesn’t make any annoying sounds!  While I think the price may be a bit high, I will say the quality is great and Avery has gotten so much use out of it.  It isn’t a toy that she has become “bored” with, like so many others.

Get your own NogginStik HERE

And check SmartNoggin Toys on Facebook

*Disclosure: I was given a NogginStik to facilitate this review.  All opinions are, as always, my own!


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