I remember sitting in my friend Leigh’s kitchen, it was 1990, and we were 8 years old.  My dad was trying to convince her mother that he could totally handle taking us to the New Kids On The Block concert in Saratoga.  We sat, anxiously awaiting her response.  Decked out in New Kids t-shirts, hats, massive Donnie Wahlberg buttons….   Sadly, her mom thought we were too young, and that was that.  I was heartbroken (I still hold a grudge against her) but I’m still impressed that my dad was willing to take us.

I carried this sadness with me for nearly twenty years. (OK, I’m exaggerating a little.  I got over it after about ten years…but I will never forget!!!) I brought my New kids sleeping bag to every sleepover party, brought my lunch to school in my neon orange New Kids lunch box.  Read every single New Kids book, and watched every VHS available, over and over again. I wore out the cassette tapes, rewinding and replaying “Cover Girl” and “Hangin’ Tough” I stood by “my” Donnie as he fell through stages, burned down hotel rooms and got arrested. Always wishing and hoping, that some day, I’d get to see the boys from bean town, live on stage.

Fast forward to 2009.  The New Kids are back in Saratoga, and this time, I was old enough to go without my parents!!  As soon as those tickets went on sale, my best friend friend, Kate, bought our seats. We were NOT going to miss what we THOUGHT would be the ONLY chance we’d ever have to see our childhood loves.

nkotb saratoga

“Full Service Tour” June 16, 2009 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York

Imagine our JOY when we found out that this was not to be their last tour.  Oh no, in 2010 they would be touring again.  This time we travelled to NEW YORK CITY to see them!  This tour started our new tradition. I made our first, custom, NKOTB shirts!  Tie Dye, of course, because…well…tie dye is cool! and I ironed on some “bling” letters to spell out “NKOTB”


“Casi-NO Tour” June 18, 2010 Radio City Music Hall New York, New York

OK, so this MUST be the last tour.  Right??  WRONG!!  We got to go see them AGAIN!!!!  We headed down to Long Island.  But this concert would be even more incredible. You see, it wasn’t just NKOTB, oh no, this time there would be even more letters.  This time it would be NKOTBSB!  The Backstreet Boys were part of the tour and we were thrilled to see them again (We may have seen them a few times in high school….)

This time our shirts featured glow in the dark fabric paint and cassette tape iron ons.


“NKOTBSB” July 31, 2011 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

(Side Note–I was also about 3 weeks pregnant here, and told Kate just before the concert started.  This was Avery’s very first concert!)

So this would definitely be the last time we’d see them.  I mean, no way could they continue to ride this wave of fame in to another tour.  No way…


I headed to Albany to see the guys again!  (This time they were touring with 98* and Boyz II Men!  Talk about a blast from the past!)

I think these shirts were by far the best I’ve done!  Bleach and iron on and awesomeness!!  (Tutorial to come!)


“The Package Tour” Aug 1, 2013 Times Union Center, Albany, NY

I think this show may have been the most fun.  It was a huge girls night out, and I desperately needed it (since Avery has been acting like an angsty teenager, lately) We had pretty incredible seats, and it was at “home” It was just such a fabulous night.

I’m so glad that Ive been able to see The New (now much older) Kids on tour (So. Many. Times.) While it doesn’t make up for missing that first show, it definitely takes a little bit of the sting out of it.

Fingers crossed that they tour again next year, and maybe, just maybe, Avery will get to see them (again)


I wonder if Leigh ever got to see them…..



    • Sarah says:

      Thank you, Sharon! It’s funny…we never even think about the group until a concert comes up, and then it is an all consuming excitement! The concerts are just so much fun! xo

  1. Chelley / AisForAdelaide says:

    Totally unrelated, but you can wear your hair anyway and it looks awesome!!! Cute shirts, too! I love your dedication to NKOTB! ..and I’m in awe that you knew you were pregnant. I didn’t realize it til my half marathon time was SO bad I needed an excuse. Hahaha. Always blame the kid!

  2. Mary Larsen says:

    This is an awesome post! I was smiling the whole time reading it – I adore all of your tshirts! You look so happy in each pic! I’m still holding out for the day when N*Sync comes back for a reunion tour 😉 I still have tshirts from those concerts!

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