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Nacho Cups Recipe - Perfect Family Movie Night or Sports Night SnackFamily time is very important to us. One of the ways we spend time together is through sports. Dave and I coach Avery’s tee-ball team.  Avery and I go to Dave’s baseball games. We go to see our favorite local sports teams. And, we watch sports on TV.  Watching sports on TV at home is always a nice way to just relax, and  enjoy each others company.

TV Night with Coca Cola We love to hang out, make some yummy snacks and appetizer type foods, and grab a Coca-Cola as we snuggle in to cheer on our favorite teams! I grew up watching sports at home with my dad.  The teams we loved were out of state, and too expensive to go to games, so watching from the couch was the only way we’d get to see them play.  It was such a fun way to bond, and for him to teach me all about the rules of the game, cheering, and of course, heckling!

I love that I can share that with Avery, who has become the biggest smack-talker in the family!  My goodness, that girl is ruthless!

I also really enjoy the fact that at home, we can enjoy the game in a nice, comfortable, climate controlled environment, and I can wear my pajamas.Family Movie Night with Coca-Cola

And I can enjoy a cold Coca-Cola and not have to worry about the person next to me stealing MY cup holder, or an extra excited fan knocking my drink out of my hand and all over my shirt (It’s happened!)  I can snuggle with my kiddo, I don’t have to worry about a rogue foul ball ruining the night, and did I mention I can wear my pajamas? I can program my night just the way I like it!

Coca-Cola wants to see how YOU Program your night! Do you spend time watching the game with your family like we do?  Maybe you have the girls over for that must see show. Or perhaps you are the queen of movie night with friends and family? Share how you Program Your Night, and you can win some cool prizes!

Here’s how you can enter the sweepstakes:

1 – Pick up your favorite Coca-Cola beverage and Program Your Night.

2 – Take a photo of how you enjoy Coca-Cola during TV night. Make sure the program you are watching stays on your TV but out of your photo.

3 – Share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with both #programyournight and #sweepstakes for a chance to win cool prizes.

You can find all the details, some great recipes, and more HERE

Coca Cola and snacks

As I mentioned, our sports nights include Coca-Cola and SNACKS! One of our favorite snacks is nachos, but sometimes we like to mix it up a bit and make nacho cups! These are single serving cups, loaded with our favorite nacho ingredients!

Nacho Cups Ingredient homemade nacho ingredientsIngredients:

  • small soft tortilla shells
  • ground beef/pork/chicken (I used pre-seasoned Mexican Chicken crumbles to save time!)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Salsa
  • Beans (I didn’t include these, because Dave prefers his nachos sans legumes)
  • Olives, jalapenos, peppers, whatever you want!
  • Sour cream

How to make taco cups and taco bowlsTo make the “cups” I used a muffin pan and turned it upside-down. I placed the tortillas in between the muffin cups, to form the shape. I then baked them at 350 for about 10 minutes, or until they were starting to crisp up. Recipe nacho cupsNext I filled the cups with a mixture of the cheese and chicken, and then topped it with another layer of cheese. I baked that at 350, until the cheese started to melt.  Easy Nacho Cups - Appetizer RecipeI added the olives, peppers and salsa, and another sprinkle of cheese (we love cheese!) and baked again, at 350, until the cheese melted.  Easy Nacho Cups - Taco Cups RecipeI removed them from the oven, topped with sour cream, and served them with an ice cold Coca-Cola!  It was the perfect snack (or meal, sine we ate a few!!) for our family baseball night! Dave has requested them for EVERY game this season. (Do you KNOW how many games there are in a baseball season?  That’s a whole lot of nacho cups!)  Nacho Cups and Coca-Cola

What do you think of these Nacho Cups? What is your favorite TV/Movie night snack? Share it in the comments below! And don’t forget to enter the Program Your Night Sweepstakes!!


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