My Kid is a Genius

She is. Really.  OK, I haven’t tested her IQ or anything (I am anxiously awaiting special permission from MENSA to have her take the test. kidding, kidding, we’ll wait til she’s 14) but, she is BRILLIANT!

Honestly, this post is about how amazed I am, every day, at how Avery (and all her baby friends) are learning new things, and PROBLEM SOLVING!!  It seems so advanced, like long division and conjugation. I have so many friends that just want to keep their babies, babies, but I LOVE this whole “growing up” thing!

So, here is what prompted this post today.

We are regulars at our local Target )and the Starbucks located inside) I get a green tea lemonade and Avery gets a straw to chew on (the girl LOVES straws, and it keeps her from smacking my drink out of my hands and all over aisle G11, don’t judge!)

Avery also had a Starbucks, tall, hot cup filled with Pirates Booty, and a large sippy cup of water.

The sippy cup is really tall/long, and she has to tip it way back in order to get the water to her mouth.  This isn’t a big deal for her, but I can see where it would be annoying.  Anyway…. I look over at the glorious “Nate Berkus Resin Tortoise Shell Wall Hanging” and then I hear a strange slurping…like what you hear when you’re trying to get the very last drop of your Venti Caramel Frappuccino out of the cup.  I look at Avery and She has put the straw IN the sippy cup for easier access to the water inside!  GENIUS!!!

Here is her reenactment:

photo image_1 image

I was surprised, and impressed by her ingenuity! She had a problem, and yo, she solved it!

I also must add, that when she finished her water, she proceeded to use the straw to stab the Pirates Booty puffs and put them in her mouth. It was like an extremely simple fork, or perhaps a single chopstick. Either way it was both ridiculous and adorable to watch!

I Love watching her grow up!!!


  1. suzy pritchett says:

    She is growing up so fast. And of course she is a genius- what else would she be with parents like you guys.

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